Q. Carma-cundo pn. “Helm-guardian”

Q. Carma-cundo, pn. “Helm-guardian”
A title of Minalcar as the regent of Gondor (PM/260). This name is a compound of carma¹ “helm” and cundo “guardian”. Elsewhere cundo means “prince” or “lord” (Ety/KUN, PE17/117). This might still apply here, since Minalcar was heir to the throne. Furthermore, the crown of Gondor was originally a helmet (LotR/1043 note #1), so perhaps: Carma-cundo = “Crown Prince”.

References ✧ PM/260; PMI/Karma-kundo




carma¹ “helm” ✧ PM/260 (Karma)
cundo “lord, guardian” ✧ PM/260