ᴱQ. Earendel (Poem)

⚠️ᴱQ. Earendel (Poem)


san ninqeruvisse lútier “then upon a white horse sailed”
kiryasse Earendil or vea “Earendel, upon a ship upon the sea”
ar laiqali linqi falmari “and the green wet waves”
langon veakiryo kírier “the throat of the sea-ship clove”
wingildin o silqelosseën “the foam-maidens with blossom-white hair”
alkantaniéren úrio kalmainen “made it shine in the lights of the sun”
i lunte linganer “the boat hummed like a harp-string”
tyulmin talalínen aiqalin kautáron “the tall masts bent with the sails”
i súru laustaner “the wind lausted (made a windy noise)”