Ad. urîd yakalubim “The mountains lean over”

Ad. urîd yakalubim “The mountains lean over”

An isolated Adûnaic sentence in “The Notion Club Papers” story (SD/251). The subject urîd seems to be the normal plural of urud “mountain”. According to the grammatical rules of Lowdham’s Report, this word is not required to be in the subjective because the verb has the pronominal prefix ya-, most likely the neuter form of “they”. The verb ends with the usual verbal plural suffix -m, leaving the verb form kalubi. It seems to be an inflection of the verb kalab- “to fall”, perhaps the continuative-present form. If so, a more literal translation of the sentence would be “*the mountains are falling”.

This analysis of yakalubim was suggested by Carl Hostetter and Patrick Wynne (VSH/27).

Reference ✧ SD/251 ✧ Urīd yakalubim “The mountains lean over”


#urud “mountain” plural ✧ SD/251 (Urīd)
kalab- “to fall (down)” 3rd-pl-neut continuative-present plural ✧ SD/251 (yakalubim)