ᴱQ. ailinissen alkarain “*upon the shining shore”

⚠️ᴱQ. ailinissen alcarain “*upon the shining shore”

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The seventeenth and final phrase (line 28) of the intermediate version of the Oilima Markirya poem (PE16/77). The first word is the locative plural of ailin² “shore” followed by the plural of alkara “shining”.

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

ailin-i-ssen alkara-in = “*shore-(plural)-on shining-(plural)”

Conceptual Development: The second word “shining” was initially written as the locative plural alkaraisen (PE16/80).

Reference ✧ PE16/77 ✧ ailinissen {alkaraisen >>} alkarain


ailin² “shore” locative plural ✧ PE16/77 (ailinissen)
alkara “brilliant, bright, shining” plural ✧ PE16/77 (alkarain)

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