Q. yéni únótimë ve aldaron rámar “long-years not-countable as trees’ wings”

Q. yéni únótimë ve aldaron rámar, “long-years not-countable as trees’ wings”

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The 2nd phrase of the prose Namárië. Tolkien altered the text from the poetic version as follows:

yéni únótimë ve rámar aldaron >> yéni únótimë ve aldaron rámar

Tolkien moved the genitive element aldaron “trees’, of trees” to be before the noun it modifies: rámar “wings”. Elsewhere Tolkien indicated that the Quenya genitive can appear after the noun in ordinary speech (WJ/368), so perhaps either placement is acceptable.

Reference ✧ RGEO/58 ✧ yēni ū-nōt-ime ve aldaron rāmar “years (long Elvish years) not-count-able as trees-of wings”


yén “Elvish long year (144 solar years)” plural ✧ RGEO/58 (yēni)
únótima “numberless, innumerable, countless, difficult/impossible to count” plural ✧ RGEO/58 (ū-nōt-ime)
ve¹ “as, like, similar, after the manner [of]” ✧ RGEO/58
alda “tree” genitive plural ✧ RGEO/58 (aldaron)
ráma “wing” plural ✧ RGEO/58 (rāmar)

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