Q. Elestirnë f. “Star-brow”

Q. Elestirnë, f. “Star-brow”

Tar-Elestirnë “Lady of the Star-brow” was the name given to Erendis when she became the queen of Númenor (UT/184). The initial element of this name is probably elen “star”. The second element -stirnë “brow” is probably related to the primitive form stīrē “face” (VT41/10) seen in the name Carnistir. The final -n of elen was probably assimilated to the s, which also happened in the name Elessar.

References ✧ UT/184; UTI/Elestirnë, Tar-Elestirnë



elen “star” assimilated
*estirnë “brow” ✧ UT/184 (#estirnë)