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Q. *estirnë n. “brow” (Category: Eyebrow)

Q. *estirnë, n. “brow” (Category: Eyebrow)

This word is attested only in the name Elestirnë “Star-brow” (UT/184), and is probably related to the primitive word ✶stīrē “face” (VT41/10). From the name alone, it is difficult to discern what the independent word for “brow” would be. In Quenya, an initial primitive ✶[st-] first reduced to [θ-] and then later to [s-], as in sundo < ᴹ√STUD (Ety/SUD) and selma < √STEL (WJ/319). Thus, *sirnë “brow” < *þirne < *✶stirnē is a possibility.

A primitive initial ✶[st] could be preserved, however, if there was some kind of vocal augmentation, as in estel < √STEL (WJ/318) and astalda < √STAL (PE17/115). Therefore, it is possible that *estirnë is the independent form of the word, exactly as it appears within Elestirnë. Usually, though, such vocal augments are the same as the root’s base-vowel (as in the above examples), so *istirnë would be a more typical form.

Absent further evidence, this entry uses *estirnë for the form of this word, as it appears within the name.

Reference ✧ UT/184 ✧ “brow”

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