S. tolo i arnad lín “thy kingdom come”

S. tolo i arnad lín “thy kingdom come”

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The third line of Ae Adar Nín, Tolkien’s Sindarin translation of the Lord’s Prayer (VT44/21). The first word tolo is the imperative form of the verb tol- “to come”. The second word is the definite article “the”, followed by arnad “kingdom” and the possessive pronoun lín “your”, with the adjectival element following the noun as is usual in Sindarin.

See the entry for the second line of this prayer for a discussion of the use of the definite article “the” before the possessed noun in this phrase.

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

tol-o i arnad lín = “*come-(imperative) the kingdom yours”

Conceptual Development: Tolkien first wrote aranarth for “kingdom” before replacing it with arnad. He also wrote lin (with short i) initially for lín, but this could have been a slip.

Reference ✧ VT44/21 ✧ tolo i {aranarth lin >>} arnad lín “thy kingdom come”


#tol- “to come” imperative ✧ VT44/25 (tolo)
“the” ✧ VT44/24
arnad “*kingdom” ✧ VT44/25
lín “*thy” ✧ VT44/24

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