Q. et sillumello ter yénion yéni tenn’ ambarmetta, “*from this hour, though years of years until the ending of the world”

Reference ✧ VT44/33 ✧ et // {sinon...} sillumello // {tenna} yéni {apo yéni} pa yéni {pa} // ter yénion yéni tenn’ ambarmetta


et “out (of)” ✧ VT44/35.2401
silumë “now, (lit.) at this time” ablative ✧ VT44/35.2601 (sillumello)
ter “through” ✧ VT44/35.3301
yén “Elvish long year (144 solar years)” genitive plural ✧ VT44/36.0101 (yénion)
yén “Elvish long year (144 solar years)” plural ✧ VT44/36.0102 (yéni)
tenna¹ “until, up to, as far as, to the point” elided ✧ VT44/36.1601 (tenn’)
Ambar “The World, Earth, (lit.) Habitation” ✧ VT44/36.1801-1
metta “ending, end” ✧ VT44/36.1801-2