S. o menel aglar elenath, “from heaven on high the glory of the starry host”

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References ✧ LotR/238, 1028; PE17/20-21; RGEO/63-64



“from, of” ✧ LotR/0238.0501; PE17/024.1902; RGEO/63.0501; RGEO/64.0402
menel “the heavens, firmanent, region of the stars” ✧ LotR/0238.0502; PE17/024.2402; RGEO/63.0502; RGEO/64.0403
aglar “glory, brilliance, splendour, radiance” ✧ LotR/0238.0503; PE17/024.3402; RGEO/63.0503; RGEO/64.0404
êl “star” class-plural ✧ LotR/0238.0504 (elenath); PE17/024.4002 (elenath); RGEO/63.0504 (elenath); RGEO/64.0405 (elenath)

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