Q. a Aina Maria arca atarmë, “Holy Mary, pray for us”

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The tenth line of Tolkien’s Quenya translation of the Litany of Loreto prayer (VT44/12). The first word is the vocative a “O” followed by aina Maria = “holy Mary”. The fourth word is the aorist form of the verb arca- “to pray”. The fifth word atarme is the preposition atar² “for” combined with the pronoun me “us”. A similar construction was used in version I of the sixth line of the Aia María prayer (VT43/26).

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

a Aina Maria arca atar-me = “*o Holy Mary pray for-us”

Reference ✧ VT44/12 ✧ A Aina Maria arca atarme “Holy Mary, pray for us”


a “O” ✧ VT44/15.2101
aina “holy, revered, numinous” ✧ VT44/17.2401
María “*Mary” ✧ VT44/18.0202 (Maria)
arca- “*to pray” aorist ✧ VT44/18.0601
atar² “*for” ✧ VT44/18.1001-1
me “us (exclusive)” ✧ VT44/18.1001-2

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