Neo-Primitive Elvish Semantic Categories

1. Physical World

1.85 to Burn, Scorch

⚠️ᴱ√?RASA root. “toast”

2. Mankind

2.41 Son

⚠️ᴱ√*VO(NO) root. “son”; see instead:
YON¹ “son”
√, ᴹ√, ᴱ√YON¹ root. “son”

2.42 Daughter

√, ᴹ√YE(L) root. “daughter”
⚠️ᴹ√YEN² root. “daughter”; see instead:
ᴹ√YEL¹ “daughter”

3. Animals

4. Body Parts and Functions

4.492 Penis

⚠️ᴱ✶wiqē n.

4.75 to Die; Dead; Death

firīne adj. “mortal, dying”

5. Food and Drink

5.21 to Cook

ᴺ√!BRATH root. “cook”

5.51 Bread

khabar n. “a loaf or cake of bread”

5.87 to Milk

ᴺ√!THIM root. “skim”

6. Clothing and Adornment

7. Dwelling and Furniture

7.412 Furniture (other)

ranthlā n. “ladder”

8. Agriculture and Vegetation

9. Physical Acts and Materials

9.38 Broom

ᴺ√, ᴱ√SWEK root. “broom”

9.943 Fitting, Suitable

kamta- v. “to (make) fit, suit, accomodate, adapt”

10. Motion and Transportation

10.48 to Come

⚠️ᴱ√LEHE¹ root. “come, be sent, approach”

11. Possession and Trade

11.28 to Harm, Injure, Damage

√*KHAS root. “mar”

12. Spatial Relations

12.399 From, Away

✶, ᴹ√lō¹ prep. “ablative, from a place within the world”

12.75 Hook, Crook

gampa n. “hook”

13. Quantity and Number

13.31 Numerals

atta num. card. “two”
ᴹ✶atta num. card. “two”

13.36 Two

atatya adj. “double”

13.54 Cardinal Number

tolokwe num. card. “eighteen”

14. Time

14.13 New

keurā adj. “*renewed”

15. Sense Perception

16. Emotion

17. Mind and Thought

17.18 to Seem

√ [ᴹ✶]*NEM root. “seem, appear”
ᴹ✶#nem- v. “to seem”

18. Language and Music

19. Social Relations

20. Warfare and Hunting

21. Law and Judgment

22. Religion and Beliefs

23. Grammar