S. Minhiriath loc. “Between the Rivers”

S. Minhiriath, loc. “Between the Rivers”

Region between the Baranduin and the Gwathló (LotR/1040), translated “Between the Rivers” (UT/261), a combination of mîn “between” (VT47/11, 14), the lenited form of sîr “river” (SA/sîr) and the class-plural suffix -ath.

References ✧ LotRI; PMI; SA/sîr; UT/261; UTI; VT47/14



mîn “[thing] between; gap, space, barrier; anything intervening between two other things” prefix ✧ VT47/11 (min-)
sîr “river, stream” soft-mutation ✧ SA/sîr
-ath “collective or group plural” soft-mutation