Ilk. [h]

Ilk. [h]

The [h] sound developed initially in Ilkorin from the aspirate [kʰ] (PE19/18), which first became the voiceless velar spirant [x] and then further changed into [h]. There was a similar development medially, but here the resulting [h] vanished (PE19/23). As such, [h] usually only appear initially in Ilkorin, but on rare occasions could appear medially, such as when it developed from primitive medial [kʰw] (PE19/23).

References ✧ PE18/105; PE19/18, 20, 23


Element In

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶khj- > h- [kʰj-] > [xj-] > [x-] > [h-] ✧ PE19/18
ᴹ✶kh- > h- [kʰ-] > [x-] > [h-] ✧ PE19/18
ᴹ✶skj- > h- [skj-] > [xj-] > [x-] > [h-] ✧ PE19/20
ᴹ✶sk- > h- [sk-] > [x-] > [h-] ✧ PE19/20
ᴹ✶-khw- > -h- [-kʰw-] > [-xw-] > [-h-] ✧ PE19/23

Phonetic Development

Ilk. initial [s] unvoiced following [l], [r], [w] w̥- < sw- ✧ PE18/105 (y > hy > h)
Ilk. initial [ŋ], [ɣ] became [g] g- < ɣ- ✧ PE18/105 (ʒ > h)