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ᴱ√QṚÐṚ root. “*wicked, evil”

⚠️ᴱ√QṚÐṚ root. “*wicked, evil”
SRUG “*evil, wicked”
OKO “evil, wicked, bad”
UK “nasty”

An unglossed root in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s with variants ᴱ√QṚŘṚ [QṚÐṚ] and ᴱ√QARA [marked with a “?”] as well as derivatives ᴱQ. qarda “bad” and ᴱQ. qarka “perverse, naughty” (QL/78). The root was also mentioned in the contemporaneous Gnomish Lexicon as qṛđ with derivatives like G. curdhu “sin, wickedness, evil” and G. cwarth “evil, bad, wicked” (GL/28). There are no signs of this root in Tolkien’s later writing.

References ✧ GL/28; QL/78