Early Primitive Elvish Roots

AÐA root. “stretch, extend” see ṆÐṆ
AFA root. “open, begin”
AHA root. “know”
*AIK(W)- root.
AKA root. “*intensive, excessive”
ALA¹ root. “gaze‽”
ALA² root. “spread‽”
ALHU root. “cleanse, dress” see ALU
ALNU root. “cleanse, dress” see ALU
ALU root. “cleanse, dress”
AMA root. “*mother”
AM(U) root. “up(wards)”
ANA root. “give, send towards”
AQA root. “grasp, hold”
ARA¹ root. “(be) dry”
ARA² root. “spread, extend sideways” see ƷARA
ASA root. “*beside, close to”
ASAKA root. “*waterfall”
ATA¹ root. “dual”
*ATA² root.
AVA root. “go away, depart, leave”
AWA root. “burn; be parched, yellow, warm”
AW̯A root. “*wealth”
AYA¹ root. “honour, revere”
AYA² root.
?AYA(LA) root. “lake”
*BALA root. see PALA
?BAPA root. “drink”
?BATA root. “*build”
BAẎA root. “*enfold” see VAẎA
* root. “‽”
BEÐE root. see *VEÐE
*ɃELE root. “*great”
BILI root. “*air” see VILI
BOÐO root. “*gate, door”
BOTO root. see POT-I
DAGA root. “*slay”
*DAHA root. “*high”
*DALA root. “support” see TALA
DARA(MA) root. “batter, thud, beat”
?DAVA root. “*skin”
?DṆTṆ root. “light up”
DO root. “*interrogative base”
?DULU root. “*dinner, dine”
*DUYU root.
DYA root. “demonstrative pointing back” see YA²
(D)YE root. “demonstrative pointing back” see YA²
DYĒ¹ root. “*gaze”
DYĒ² root. “behind, back (before of time)”
DYEÐE root. see YERE(NE)
DYELE root. “*cold”
DYṆTṆ root. see YṆTṆ
DYULU root. “*carry, bear”
#ÐANA root. “day”
ÐAPA root. “dig, excavate” see SAPA
ÐORO root. “sit”
ÐOTO root. “drop, fall”
E root. “that (by you)”
EÐE¹ root. “out”
EÐE² root. “*iron, steel”
EHE root. “*sharp” see EKE
EIKA root. “*far, broad”
EKE root. “*point”
ELE¹ root. “drive, push, thrust, send forth”
?ELE² root. “?wonder”
EŊE root. “*plane, level”
ENE¹ root. “*idea, invention, devise”
ENE² root. “six”
ENE³ root. “*name”
ENU root. “origin‽”
ERE root. “remain alone”
EŘE root. “out” see EÐE¹
ESE root. “out” see EÐE¹
ETE root. “cling together”
EWE root. “*lamb”
FAɃA root. “*fat” see *FAVA
FAGA root. “*blow”
?FAKA root. “cut”
FALA¹ root. “bare, nude”
FALA² root. “*foam, wave”
FAL̃A root. “*free” see FAYA
FANA root. “*dream, vision”
?FAPA root.
?FASA root. “wash”
?FATA root.
*FAÞA root. “tassel”
*FAVA root. “*fat”
FAWA root. “smell”
FAYA root. “*free”
?FEDE root. “*law, bond”
FEHE root. see ǶEHE
*FEKE root.
FELE root. see FELU
FELU root.
FEŊE root. “*cut”
?FESE root. “*itch”
FIÐI root. “*hair”
FILI root. “fine, thin”
FIŊI root. “*narrow”
FINI root. “*cunning”
FIŘI root. “*hair” see FIÐI
*FIRIŊI root. “necklace”
FḶKḶ root. “cleave, hew”
FṆÐṆ root. “*omen, ominous”
FṆTṆ¹ root. “*crooked, twisted”
FṆTṆ² root. see FANA
?FOFO root. “*fool”
FOƷO root. “hide, hoard, store up, lay up in secret”
FOLO root. “*smoke, reek”
?FOTO root. “end, final, last”
?FUKU root. “*smoke, smoulder”
FULU root. “strip” see HULU
FUMU root. “sleep”
FURU root. “*conceal”
?FUVU root. “moth”
*GALA root. see KALA¹
?GANA root. “young”
GILI root. “*shine (pale)”
*GIMI root. “*heed, pay attention”
GISI root. “*know” see ISI¹
GIÞI root. “*(light) snow” see IÞI
GIWI root. “*germinate, impregnate”
*GOPO root. “keep, guard‽” see KOPO
GOÞO root. “strive; angry”
GṚÞṚ root. “*admire, have affection for”
GUÐU root. see *ƷUÐU
*GUMU root. see KUMU
GUŊU root. “*spider”
GWĀ root. “*wind”
GWALA¹ root. “*brown”
GWALA² root. see *WALA
GWARA root. see WARA
GWASA root. “*rush”
GWAṘA root. “rub”
GWEÐE¹ root. “*bend, loop”
GWEÐE² root. see GWENE¹
GWELE root. “*boil, bubble”
GWENE¹ root. “*maiden; woman”
GWENE² root. “*large, wide”
GWERE root. “whirl, twirl, twist”
#GWESE root. “greet, welcome”
GWETE root. “*wind, turn, bend”
GWEVE root. “*worm”
GWIÐI root. “*plait, weave”
GWIGI root. “*foam” see GWIŊI
*GWIKI root. “*corner”
GWILI¹ root. “*fly”
GWILI² root. “*peace, quiet”
GWIMI root. see GWINI
GWINI root. “sparkle”
GWIŊI root. “*foam”
GWIWI root. “*young”
GWORI root. “‽”
GWṚÐṚ root. “die”
*GWṚÞṚ root. see GWṚÐṚ
HAÐA root. “cleave, remain”
?HAKA root. “*squat”
HALA root. “*leap”
HAMA root. “‽”
HAŘA root. “cleave, remain” see HAÐA
*HARA root.
HATA root. “hurl, fling”
?ǶAWA root. “snow”
#HAWA root.
?HAYA root. “go, fare”
ǶEHE root. “breath; die, expire”
HELE root. “*freeze”
*ǶEN+U root. “*poison”
HEN+U root. see *ǶEN+U
HEPE root. “bind, encircle‽”
HERE root. “rule, have power”
HESE¹ root. “brother or sister”
HESE² root. “wither”
HEÞE¹ root. see HESE¹
HEÞE² root. see HESE²
HILI root. “*youth, offspring”
HISI root. “*mist, dimness”
?HIÞI root. “*listen”
HḶKḶ root. see HELE
HO root. “shout, scream”
HONO root. “*heart”
HOSO root. “*gather”
HOTHO root. “bind” see HOSO
HOTYO root. “sneeze”
HUHU¹ root. “whoop”
HUHU² root. “*pine”
HULU root. “strip”
HUNU root. “lie low”
?ǶUNU root.
HURU root. see FURU
?HUYU root. “*fog”
ǶUẎU root. “*darkness”
HYA root. “this by us”
HYAÐA root. “plough through”
HYAŘA root. “plough through” see HYAÐA
ƷARA root. “spread, extend sideways; wide places”
#ƷETE root. “*kin”
*ƷONO root. “hard”
*ƷṚMṚ root. “*gather”
*ƷUÐU root. “*burn”
Ī root. “be”
I root. “here it is, root of relatives”
IɃI root. “to swarm”
IÐI root. “dwell‽”
?IKI root.
ILI¹ root. “shine oily”
ILI² root. “many”
ILU root. “ether, the slender airs among the stars”
IMI¹ root. “same, alike”
IMI² root. “in, into”
INI root. “small”
IQI root. “request, ask for”
IŘI root. “dwell‽” see IÐI
*IRI root. “wish, intend”
ISI¹ root. “*know”
ISI² root. “*(light) snow” see IÞI
ITI¹ root. “peck, bite (of flies), annoy”
?ITI² root. “precious”
IÞI root. “*(light) snow”
IWI root. “*fish”
KAHA root. “cause”
KAILIK root. “*glass”
KAKA root. “laugh”
KALA¹ root. “shine golden”
KALA² root. “*grow”
KAMA¹ root. “lie down”
KAMA² root. “*red flower”
KAŊA root. “weave, twine”
KANA root. “*lead (metal)”
KANGA root. “weave” see KAŊA
KAPA root. “leap, spring”
KARA root. “do, make”
KASA root. “head”
KATYA root. “*gleam”
KAVA root. “*dig”
KAYA root. “lie, rest; dwell”
KAẎA root.
KAẆA root. “stoop”
KEKE¹ root. “to bubble up”
KEKE² root. “cluck”
KELE root. “flow, run; ooze, trickle”
KEME root. “soil”
KENYE root. “prick”
KERE root. “turn”
KEREKE¹ root. “*spit”
KEREKE² root. “turn round and round, send to and fro; weave”
KI root. “this by me”
KIÐI root. “cut, split”
KILI root. “edge”
*KINIKI root. “hang”
KIŘI root. “cut, split” see KIÐI
KIRISI root. “cut, split”
KISI root. “cut, split”
KITI root. “*tickle”
KḶKḶ root. “gather, collect, reap”
?KḶNḶ root. “*ring”
KḶPḶ root. “hold, contains (esp. of liquids)”
KḶTḶ root. “tilt; fling”
KṆÐṆ root. “shine”
KṆŘṆ root. “shine” see KṆÐṆ
KṆTṆ root. “make twang; play harp”
KOÐO root. “revere‽”
KOHO root. “undergo, endure”
?KOK root. “catch”
KOLO¹ root. “to strain through”
KOLO² root. “*point”
KOMO root. “*ball, roll”
KOPO root. “keep, guard‽”
KOŘO root. “revere‽” see KOÐO
KORO root. “be round, roll”
KOSO root. see GOÞO
*KOTO root. “nut”
KOẎO root. “have life”
KṚKṚ root. “*point, bend”
KṚNṚ root. “*red”
KṚPṚ root. “pluck”
?KUKU root.
KULU root. “gold”
KUMU root. “heap up”
KUPU root. “hump”
KURU root. “*magic”
KUVU root. “bend, bow”
KWERE root. “turn” see KERE
KYERE root. “turn” see KERE
KYURU root. “curdle”
KYUSU root. “curdle” see KYURU
root. “spread‽” see LAHA
LA’A root. see LAHA
LAÐA root. “*broad”
LAHA root. “*open, extend”
LAIKA root. “*keen, sharp”
*LAKA root. “*pick (up)”
LALA root. “*babble”
LAMA root. “*animal”
LAPA root. “enfold”
LAQA root. “catch”
LAŘA root. see LAÐA
LARA root. “*fat”
?LASA root. “*leaf”
LATA root. “*level, smooth”
LAVA root. “lick”
LAWA root. “*life (esp. plants)”
LAẎA root. “be alive, flourish”
ḶÐḶ root.
LEFE¹ root. “*heart”
LEFE² root. “half” see *LEǶE
*LEǶE root. “half; *five”
LEHE¹ root. “come, be sent, approach”
LEHE² root. “half” see *LEǶE
LEHE³ root. “*smooth”
LEKE root. “*slow; left”
LEŊE root. see LENE¹
LENE¹ root. “long”
LENE² root. “*slow; left” see ‽LEKE
LEPE root. “*finger”
LEQE root. “*joint”
LESE root. “collect”
LEẆE root. “*sick”
root. “*many”
LIÐI root. “sing”
?LIKINI root. “*curved horn”
LIMI root. “*bind”
*LIŊI root. “snake”
LINI root. “gentle”
LIPI root. “*drip, drop”
LIQI root. “flow, water; clear, transparent”
LIŘI root. “sing” see LIÐI
LISI root. “sweetness”
LIÞI root. “*flow of time”
LIYA root. “unite many as one”
ḶK/KAL root. “*glory”
ḶKḶ root. “*appearance”
LḶTḶ root. “dance”
LṆQṆ root. “catch, come on, light on, find, get”
*LṆTṆ root. “*fall”
LOÐO root. “*loud noise”
LOHO root. “*flower”
LOKO root. “twine, twist, curl”
LOMO root. “*lurk; shadow”
LOPO root. “*run (of animals), lope”
LOQO root. “*run (of humans)”
LORO root. “doze, slumber”
LOŘO root. see LOÐO
*LOSO root.
?LOTO root.
LOURI root. “*gold”
LOYO root. “*thirst, parched”
ḶQḶ root. “rend”
ḶTḶ root. “thrust in”
LUBU root. “*dark (weather)” see LUVU
LUHU root. “*time”
LUKU root. “*slime, mud”
*LUŊU root.
LURU root. “*frown”
LUSU root. “foment, cherish, warm, bathe”
LUTU root. “*float”
LUVU root. “*dark (weather)”
MA root. “root of indef[inite]”
MAɃA root. “something nice”
MAHA root. “grasp”
MAKA¹ root. “slay”
MAKA² root. “*net, mesh”
MALA¹ root. “crush, squeeze, pulp”
MALA² root. “yellow”
MAMA root. “something nice” see MAɃA
MANA root. “*good (moral)”
MANGA root. “lacking”
MAPA root. “seize”
MARA¹ root. “ripe, yellow”
MARA² root. “*sand, soil”
MASA root. “cook, bake” see M(B)ASA
MATA root. “eat”
MAÞA root. “dusk”
MAWA root. “‽cry, bleat”
MAẎA root. “*excessive”
MBALA root. “crush, hurt, pain, damage, give maim to”
MBARA root. “dwell, live”
M(B)ASA root. “cook, bake”
MBAÞA root. “*dusk”
(M)BELEKE root. “*flame”
M(B)ṆÐṆ root. “bind”
M(B)ṚTṚ root. “chance”
MEHE root. “ooze‽”
MEKE root. “*centre; aim”
MELE root. “love”
MEME root. “*tip”
MĪ¹ root. “*one”
MĪ² root. “in” see IMI²
[ᴱ√]*MIKI root. “*little”
MILI root. “*seed”
MIMI root. “*flesh”
MINI¹ root. “*small, less”
MINI² root. “*tower”
MIQI root. “kiss”
MIRI root. “smile”
MISI root. “mingere, *to urinate”
MḶÐḶ root. “crush, pound”
MḶKḶ root. “possess”
MLŘL root. “crush, pound” see MḶÐḶ
MṆGṆ root. “*butter”
MṆTYṆ root. “*memory”
MOKO root. “hate”
MORO root. “*black, dark”
*MOYO root. “*soft, gentle”
MṚÐṚ root. “grind”
MṚKṚ root. “*juice”
MṚŘṚ root. “grind” see MṚÐṚ
MṚTYṚ root. “smile” see MIRI
MUKU¹ root. “cacare [Latin], *defecate”
?MUKU² root. “*silent”
MULU root. “grind (fine)”
MURU root. “slumber”
root. “be, exist”
NAÐA root. “*plain”
ŊAHYA root. “hurt, grieve”
NAKA root. “bite”
NALA root. see *N(D)ALA
NAPA root. “*seize”
NAQA root. “steal, take; get by stealth, unlawfully”
NAŘA root. see NAÐA
ŊARA root. “(properly) bite at”
NARA root. see ŊARA
NASA root. “taste nasty”
NAVA root. “suspect, guess, have an inkling of”
?NAWA root. “dwarf”
NAẎA root. see ŊAHYA
*N(D)ALA root. “ring, play”
?NDOÐO root. “*oak”
NDOLO root. “delve”
ṆÐṆ root. “stretch, extend”
NEÐE root.
NEGE root. see NEHE
NEHE root. “*honey”
NELE root. “point”
NEME root. “*sew”
NENE root. “flow”
NERE root. “*man”
NEŘE root. see NEÐE
NESE root. “give to feed; feed, pasture; graze”
ŊETE root. “catch, get”
NETE root. see ŊETE
NINI root. “*blue”
NIQI root. “white”
NḶĐḶ root. “*dell”
NṆGṆ root. “have a cold”
root. “become, be born”
NOHO root. “extended”
ŊOLO root. “to know”
NOLO root. “dare”
NOŘO root. see ?NDOÐO
NORO root. “run, go smoothly, ride, spin”
NOSO root. “*damp, wet”
*NOTO¹ root. “count”
NOTO² root. “*damp, wet” see NOSO
NO(WO) root. “ahead, in front; after of time, tomorrow”
ṆQṆ¹ root. “*ear”
ṆQṆ² root.
NŘN root. “stretch, extend” see ṆÐṆ
NṚQṚ root. “to wither, fade, shrivel”
NṚŘṚ root. see NṚÞṚ
NṚÞṚ root. “smell sweet”
root. “*under” see NUHU
NUFU root. “*smell”
NUHU root. “bow, bend down, stoop, sink”
NULU root. “‽”
NURU root. “*growl, grumble”
NUSU root. “*smell”
ŊWAÐA root. “tarry, linger”
ŊWAKA root. “*net, mesh” see MAKA²
ŊWEĐE root. “*bloom, flower”
NYAÐA root. “relate, tell”
NYAŘA root. “relate, tell” see NYAÐA
NYASA root. “*scratch”
NYATA root. “chatter, gossip”
NYEHE root. “weep”
*NYELEK root.
NYE(NE) root. “bleat”
Ō root. “be, exist”
OÐO root. “*dawn”
OHO¹ root. “*egg”
OHO² root. “cry”
OLO¹ root. “tip”
OLO² root. “*increase, more”
OLO³ root. “*dream”
OMO root. “all, every”
ONO root. see *ƷONO
OŊO root. “*pain”
’O’O root. “*sea”
OQO root. “curve, bend”
OŘO root. “*dawn” see OÐO
ORO¹ root. “steepness, rising”
ORO² root. “*sow”
OSO¹ root. “‽”
OSO² root. “*enclosure”
OTO root. “knock”
OYO root. “*poor”
OẎO root. “salve, rub, oil”
*PAÐA root. “*peel” see PARA
PAKA root. “*pavement”
?PAKATA root. “*talk, speech”
PALA root. “flatness”
PALAS root. “*foam, splash”
PANA root. “arrange”
PAPA root. “*tremble”
PARA root. “*peel”
PATA¹ root. “*rap, tap”
PATA² root. see PṆTṆ
PAẎA root. “requite, punish, take vengeance on, conquer, subdue”
PE root. “at, by”
root. see *
PEKE root. “*plume”
PELE¹ root. “fence in”
PELE² root. “*revolve”
[ᴱ√]*PELEK root. “axe”
PENE root. “*through”
PEQE root. “*comb”
PERE root. “*endure”
PETE root. “*knock, hammer”
root. “*small” see PINI
PIKI¹ root. “*small” see PINI
PILI¹ root. “rob”
PILI² root. “*feather; arrow”
PINI root. “*small”
PIPI root. “hang, trail”
PIQI root. “*bitter”
PIRI root. “*spin”
PIẆI root. “*fat”
PḶQḶ root. “*juice”
PḶTYḶ root. “*strike, flat of hand”
PṆTṆ root. “open, spread out, show”
PO root. “‽”
POKO root. “tuck (-away)”
POL-I root. “‽”
POLO root. “have stength”
POT-I root. “*back, behind, after”
POYO root. “*clean”
*PṚTṚ root. “judge”
PUÐU root. “consume by fire”
PU(HU) root. “generate”
PULU root. “swell”
PUMU root. “*bubble”
PUPU root. see PUMU
PUŘU root. “consume by fire” see PUÐU
PUSU root. “puff, blow, puff out, make swell”
QAHA root.
QALA root. “die”
QAMA root. “*sick”
QAPA root. “chaffer”
QARA¹ root. see WARA
QARA² root. see QṚÐṚ
QASA root. “*shake”
QATA root. “*fill; full” see QṆTṆ
QEL+U root. “*well up”
QELE root. “perish, die, decay, fade”
QETE root. “*speak”
QIÐI root. “*stir, spin”
QILI¹ root. “*colour”
QILI² root. see QḶÐḶ
QIMI root. “*woman”
QINGI root. “*bow”
QINI root. “*squeak”
QIPI root. “*awaken”
QIQI root. “*droop”
QIŘI root. see QIÐI
QIRI root. “*murmur” see QISI
QISI root. “*whisper”
QITYI root. “*knit”
QIVI root. “*awake”
QḶÐḶ root. “*quiet”
QḶŘḶ root. see QḶÐḶ
QḶTḶ root. “*belt, girdle”
QṆTṆ root. “*fill; full”
*QOÐO root. “*choke, suffocate, drown”
QOLO root. “*disease”
QOŘO root. “*choke, suffocate, drown” see *QOÐO
QOSO root. “*choke, suffocate, drown” see *QOÐO
QOTO root.
QṚÐṚ root. “*wicked, evil”
QṚŘṚ root. see QṚÐṚ
RAÐA root. “*peel”
RAHA root. “stretch forward”
RAKA root. “pile up; *break”
RAMA root. “*shout”
RAPA root. “drag, pull”
RAŘA root. see RAÐA
?RASA root. “toast”
*RATA root. “*path”
RAÞA root. “*arch, bridge”
RAVA root. “*hunt”
RAẆA root. “*rush, run, chase”
REÐE root. “kinsman”
RESE¹ root. “aid, support” see REÞE
RESE² root. “kinsman” see REÐE
RETYE root. “*spit”
REÞE root. “aid, support”
RIKI root. “*twist”
?RILI root. “*circle, ring”
RIMI root. “*border”
RINI root. “*circle”
RIŊI root. “*cold”
RIPI root. “a rim”
RIQI root. “*twist” see RIKI
RIẎI root. “scatter‽”
ṚMṚ root. see *ƷṚMṚ
root. “*rise”
ROTO root. “hollow”
ṚTYṚ root. “peck, prick”
RUKU root. “smoke, reek”
RU’U root. “‽”
RUVU root. “burst asunder”
?RUYU root. “*fierce”
SA root. “demonstrative”
SAH(Y)A root. “be hot”
SAKA root. “*search”
SALA root. “*harp(ing), lyre”
SAMA root. “*chamber; arrange”
?SANA root. “*know”
SAŊA root. “pack tight, press”
SAPA root. “dig, excavate”
SARA¹ root. “*saw” see *ÞARA
?SARA² root. “*surf”
?SATA root. “value”
SAW̯A root. “[unglossed]”
SAẎA root. “hunger”
SAYAPA root. “*shoe”
SAẆA root. “*dog”
root. “‽”
SEHE root. “*see” see ÞEHE
#SEKE root. “mid”
SELE root. “*bright”
SERE root. see *ÞERE
SIÐI root. “flow”
SILI root. “*gleam”
SI(N) root. “this here by me”
SIŊI root. “‽”
SINI root. “pale blue‽”
SIPI root. “whistle, pipe”
SIQI root. “sigh, say alas”
SIŘI root. “flow” see SIÐI
SIRIPI root. “*stalk”
SISI root. “singe, etc.” see *ÞISI
SITI root. “*custom, habit”
SIVI root. “[unglossed]”
SḶKḶ¹ root. “*grass, mow”
SḶKḶ² root. “rich, lush”
SḶPḶ root. “*lick up”
SḶŘḶ root. see ÞḶÐḶ
SḶTḶ root. “*sift”
SṆKṆ root. “rend, tear”
SṆTṆ root. “esteem”
SṆTYṆ root. “twinkle”
root. “*together”
SOKO root. “*drink”
SOLO root. see ÞOLO
SORO root. see ÐORO
ŠORO root. see *ÞORO
SOTO root. “drop, fall” see ÐOTO
SOVO root. “wash”
SOWO root. see SOVO
ṢQṢ root. “*fog, mist”
SṚKṚ root. “fat”
SṢTYṢ root. “‽”
SUHYU root. “air, breath, exhale, puff”
SUKU¹ root. “*resin, gum”
SUKU² root. “*sweet”
SULU root. “*support”
SUQU root. “*descend”
SURU root. “to blow”
SUẈU root. “*feminine patronymic”
?SWEKE root. “broom”
TA root. “demonstrative”
TAÐA root. “*hedge, fence, enclosure”
TAHA root. see *DAHA
TAILIK root. “*glass” see KAILIK
TAKA root. “fix, fasten, stick”
TALA root. “support”
TAMA root. “beat; smelt, forge”
TAŊA root. “touch, be next to”
TANA root. “*fire, kindle”
TAPA root. “*taper, stretch out”
TAQA root. “fashion”
TAŘA root. see TAÐA
TARA¹ root. “*across”
TARA² root. “*horn”
TARA(MA) root. “to batter, thud, beat” see DARA(MA)
TASA root. “*fringe”
TAÞA root. “count”
TAVA root. “beam”
TAW̯A root. “*base”
TEÐE root. “pierce, boring”
TEFE root. “*hate, dislike”
TEHE root. “‽pull”
TEKE root. “make marks”
TEL+U root. “to finish, close, end, complete”
TELE root. “cover in; close; finish”
TELEPE root. “*silver”
TEME root. “tie”
TENE root. “touch, feel”
TEŊE root. “know, understand”
TEŘE root. “pierce, boring” see TEÐE
TETE root. “bud, blossom”
*THASA root. “shave”
*TIÐI root. “‽stick up”
TIFI root. “*flute, hoot”
TILI¹ root. “*shine (blue)”
TILI² root. “*tip, hair”
TINI root. “twinkle”
TIPI root. “*spray”
TIQI root. “*melt, thaw”
TIŘI root. “‽stick up” see *TIÐI
TIRI root. “watch; guard; observe”
TIW̯I root. “thick”
TḶDḶ root. “*cover”
TḶKḶ root. “[unglossed]”
TḶPḶ root. “*support, prop”
TḶTḶ root. “*slope”
TṂPṂ root. “build”
TṆQṆ root. “*hear”
TṆTṆ root. “*bounce”
TOKO root. “feel with the hand, handle; appraise, tax, assess, assay; try, test, essay, endeavour”
TOL+U root. “*roll (up)”
TOLI root. “*doll”
TOLO root. “*stick up”
TOMPO root. “*bang, drum”
TOŊO root. “to hammer”
TOQO root. “bear fruit, bear, bring forth, produce”
TORO root. “*bake”
TOŁᵂO root. “[unglossed]”
TOẆO root. “[unglossed]”
TṚKṚ root. “*root”
TṚQṚ root. “*to dry (food), preserve”
TṚTYṚ root. “*part”
TUAKK root. “*axe”
TUÐU root. “kindle”
TUKSA root. “*hundred”
TUKU root. “*search, find”
TULU root. “fetch, bear, bring; move, come; (originally) uphold, support, bear, carry”
TULUKU root. “*steady, firm”
TUM(B)U root. “‽”
TUMU root. “‽swell (with idea of hollowness)”
TUN+TƎ root. “*see, notice, perceive”
TUPU root. “*cover”
TUŘU root. see TUÐU
TURU root. “am strong”
TUSU root. see TUÐU
TUVU root. “*receive”
TUẎU root. “*spring, sprout”
TYAKA root. “hew”
TYALA root. “*play”
TYASA root. “taste, try, choose, test, select”
TYAVA root. “to savour, taste”
TYETE root. “give suck”
TYOSO root. “cough”
TYU root.
TYUKU root. “chew”
TYULU root. “tall”
TYURU root. “curdle” see KYURU
*ÞARA root. “*saw”
ÞEHE root. “*see”
*ÞERE root. “twine, tie, bind”
*ÞIKI root. “*choose”
*ÞIPI root. “whistle, pipe” see SIPI
*ÞISI root. “singe, etc.”
ÞḶÐḶ root. “*slender”
ÞṆKṆ root. “*hate”
ÞOLO root. “*surf”
*ÞORO root. “eagle”
U root. “dual” see WI¹
Ū¹ root. “under”
Ū² root. “not”
ULU¹ root. “pour, flow fast”
ULU² root. “*negative”
ULUKU root. “wolf”
ULUMP root. see ULUN(T)
ULUN(T) root. “*camel”
UMU root. “*negative”
UQU root. “wet”
UŘU root. see *ƷUÐU
URU root.
USU root. “get out, escape”
UVU root. “*negative” see UMU
VAHA root. “*depart, travel”
VAKA root. “*trade”
VALA root. see *WALA
VANA root. “*beauty”
VARA root. “*separate”
VASA root. “*wing”
VAẎA root. “enfold, wind about”
*VEÐE root.
VEHE root. see *WEHE
VELU root. “unroll”
VENE root. “shape, cut out, scoop”
VEŘE root. see *VEÐE
VETE root. “*chin”
root. “as”
VIKI root. “*sticky”
VILI root. “*air”
VITI root. “*juice, sap”
VITYI root. “*sticky” see VIKI
VḶÐḶ root. “*worth, value”
VḶKḶ root. “‽”
VḶŘḶ root. see VḶÐḶ
VḶTḶ root. “release, set free; deprive, take away”
*VO(NO) root. “son”
VŌRI root. “fur”
VORO root. “*ever, always”
VṚÐṚ root. “*rule”
VṚKṚ root. “*fear”
VṚTṚ root. “*change”
VṚTYṚ root. “serve”
WAIK root. “*man, male”
*WALA root. “fortune, happiness; *power”
*WANA root. see VANA
WARA root. “care for, guard, watch (over)”
?WASA root. “juice”
*WATA root. “*travel”
WEDE root. see *VEÐE
*WEHE root. “*death”
WEŘE root. see GWEÐE¹
WI¹ root. “dual”
?WI² root.
WIKI root. “*corner” see *GWIKI
WIRI root. “*look”
YA¹ root. “*and”
YA² root. “demonstrative pointing back”
YAÐA root. “*gloom”
ẎAKA root. “a head of cattle”
ẎALA root. “ring, sound hollow”
YAMA root. “*call, shout”
YAPA root. “snarl, snap, bark ill-temperedly”
ẎATA root. “join”
ẎAVA root. “*fruit”
#YAYA root. “*steel, possession”
YERE(NE) root. “*iron”
YḶTḶ root. “*join”
YṆTṆ root. “*(en)large, increase”
YOLO root. “smell, stink, reek (intr.)”
*YO(NO) root.
ẎURU root. “run”
ẆAÐA root. “dwell”