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ᴱ√BOÐO root. “*gate, door”

⚠️ᴱ√BOÐO root. “*gate, door”
ᴹ√AD “entrance, gate”

A root in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s that was the basis for Early Qenya words for “gate” and “door” (QL/75). It was first given as (rejected) ᴱ√PONO but this was changed to ᴱ√BOÐO (with b- > p- as it did in Early Qenya) whereupon Tolkien gave its Gnomish equivalent as Bon. However, there are no words in the contemporaneous Gnomish Lexicon beginning with bon- that have any similar meaning, indicating Tolkien probably abandoned this root very early.

References ✧ QL/75