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#ᴱ√SEKE root. “mid”

⚠️#ᴱ√SEKE root. “mid”
ENED “centre, middle; ⚠️three”

A root form indicated in the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s by an element in primitive ᴱ✶sek’·ðana “midday” > G. saidhon “noon” (GL/66), with further derivatives like G. seg “point, middle point” and G. sectha- “aim at” given later in the document (GL/67). It might be a variant of ᴱ√MEKE the contemporaneous Qenya Lexicon of similar meaning (QL/60). There are no signs of this root in Tolkien’s later writing.

Reference ✧ GL/66 ✧ #sek’ “mid”