Q. Quenta Noldorinwa pn. “the History of the Noldor”

Q. Quenta Noldorinwa, pn. “the History of the Noldor”

Another title for the Quenta Silmarillion (WJ/27). It is a combination of quenta “tale” and the possessive form of Noldorin. As Noldorin is itself already an adjective, this name is best understood as the “Tale of the Noldorin (People)”.

Conceptual Development: The name ᴹQ. Qenta Noldorinwa was Tolkien’s original title of the cycle of tales that eventually became The Silmarillion (SM/77). Later, Tolkien introduced the name ᴹQ. Qenta Silmarillion which became the full title of the tales, while Quenta Noldorinwa became an alternate title (LR/202).

In later writings, this name appeared with a number of variations. In some cases its final element was the genitive plural of Noldo: Noldoron (VT39/16) or Noldorion (PM/30). Sometimes its initial element was quentalë “history” (VT39/16). This entry uses Quenta Noldorinwa for consistency with its earlier form.

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quenta “story, narrative, account, history” ✧ PM/30; WJ/27
Noldorin “of the Noldo; the Noldor language” possessive ✧ VT39/16 (Ñoldorinwa); WJ/27 (Noldorinwa)
Noldo “one of the wise folk, Gnome” genitive plural ✧ PM/30 (Noldorion); VT39/16 (Ñoldoron)
quentalë “history, narration” ✧ VT39/16; VT39/16

ᴹQ. Qenta Noldorinwa pn. “History of the Gnomes”

See Q. Quenta Noldorinwa for discussion.

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qenta “tale, story, account, history”
Noldorin “Gnomish” possessive