✶Ad. [j] ‹y›

✶Ad. [j] ‹y›
The primitive semi-vowel “y” (IPA [j]) sometimes changed to or merged with [i] by the time of Classical Adûnaic (SD/419). It is the only sound of the c-series that survived into Classical Adûnaic (SD/418).

References ✧ SD/416, 419


Element In

Phonetic Development

Ad. [w] and [j] became [u] and [i] before consonants and finally jC|-j > iC|-i ✧ SD/419 ([yC|-y] > [iC|-i])
✶Ad. medial [w] and [j] vanished before [u] and [i] Xji > Xøi ✧ SD/419 ([Xji] > [Xøi])