✶Ad. [ɟ] ‹j›

✶Ad. [ɟ] ‹j›
A primitive voiced stop in the c-series (palatals) (SD/416), it was probably a voiced palatal stop (IPA [ɟ]). Tolkien represented this sound with the letter “J”, but it is not pronounced like English “j” (IPA [dʒ]). This sound does not exist in English, but can be approximated by pronouncing a hard [g]-sound with the tongue in the y-position. It became an [z] in Classical Adûnaic (SD/418).

Reference ✧ SD/416 ✧ J

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Phonetic Development

✶Ad. most palatals became sibilants [s] or [z] ɟ > z ✧ SD/418 (J > Z)