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ᴹ√RAB² root. “*wall”

ᴹ√RAB² root. “*wall”

In The Etymologies as published by Christopher Tolkien in The Lost Road, this “root” is given as RAMBĀ (Ety/RAMBĀ). However, Carl Hostetter and Patrick Wynne clarified that the root form was actually given as RAB⁽²⁾, and ᴹ✶rambā is simply the primitive form of ᴹQ. ramba/N. rham “wall” (EtyAC/RAMBĀ). The root form ᴹ√RAB² is consistent with other derivatives of the root: ᴹQ. ráva/N. rhaw “bank (especially of a river)”. Tolkien’s continued use of S. ram for “wall” in later writings (S/122; RC/512) indicates the ongoing validity of at least the strengthened form of this root.

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