Middle Primitive Elvish Roots

A root. “intensive prefix”
AB root. “refuse, deny, say no; away, go away, depart”
ABAR root. “*refuser”
AD root. “entrance, gate”
AIWĒ root. “(small) bird”
AK root. “narrow, confined”
AKLA(R) root. “radiance, splendour”
ALA¹ root. “*blessed”
ALA² root. “no, not; to be not” see LA
(A)LAK root. “swift, rushing”
ALAM root. see (L)ALAM
ALAT root. “large, great in size”
AM¹ root. “mother”
AM² root. “up”
ANA¹ root. see NĀ¹/ANA¹
ANA² root. “be, exist” see NĀ²/ANA²
ANAD root. “*long”
ANAK root. see NAK
ANAT root.
ANGA root. “iron”
ANGWA root. “snake”
AP root. “?cook”
AR¹ root. “day”
AR² root. “beside, outside”
ASAT root. “*dust”
AT root. “back, again, twice; two”
ATA root. “father”
ATAT root. “again, back” see AT
ATTA root. “two”
AWA root. “away, forth; out”
AYAK root. “sharp, pointed”
(A)YAN root. “*holy”
AY(AR) root. “sea”
BA root. “away, go away” see AB
BAL root. “*power”
BA(N) root. “go, proceed”
BAN root. “*beauty”
BAR root. “raise; uplift, save, rescue(?)”
BARAD root. “*lofty, noble”
BARAN root. “russet, brown”
BARAS root. “*heat”
BARAT root. “*tower”
BARATH root. “*queen”
BAT root. “tread”
BAY root. “[unglossed]”
BED root.
BEL root. “strong”
BEN root. “corner (from inside), angle from inside”
BER root. “valiant”
BEREK root. “*sudden, fierce”
BERETH root. “beech”
BES root. “wed”
BEW root. “follow, serve”
BIRIT root. “*gravel”
BOL root.
BON root.
BOR(ON) root. “endure”
BUD root. “jut out” see (M)BUD
BUZBU root. “*large fly”
DAB root. “give way, make room, permit, allow”
DAG root. “dig”
DAƷ root. “great”
DAK root. “slay” see (N)DAK
DAL root. “flat”
DA(N)T root. “fall down” see DAT
DAR root. “stay, wait, stop, remain”
DARAK root. “*wolf”
DARAM root. “beat, hew”
DAT root. “fall down”
DAY root. “shadow”
DEM root. “sad, gloomy”
DEN root. “hole, gap, passage”
DER root. “adult male, man” see (N)DER
DIL root. “stop up, fill up hole”
DING root. “ding (onomatopoeic)”
DOƷ root. “night”
DOM root. “faint, dim”
DORON root. “oak”
DRING root. “beat, strike”
DUB root. “lie, lie heavy, loom, hang over oppressively (of clouds)”
DUL root. see (N)DUL
DUN root. “dark (of colour)”
DUR root.
DUS root. “?burn”
DUY root. “*flow”
DYEL root. “feel fear and disgust; abhor”
DYELEK root. “sword?”
E root. “intensive prefix”
Ē¹ root. “indeed”
Ē² root. “to be” see
EDE(L) root. “precede, come forward, hence”
EDEL root. “*star-folk” see ELED
ED(ER) root. “open”
root. “be”
EK root. “spear, (sharp) point, thorn”
EL root. “star, starry sky”
ELED root. “Star-Folk, Elves”
EN root. “yonder, over there”
ENE root. “?genitive”
(E)NED root. “centre, middle”
ENEK root. “six”
EPH root. “emerge (especially from water, opp[osite] of dive)”
ER root. “be alone, deprived”
ERED root. “*seed” see RED
(E)REK root. “thorn, holly”
ES¹ root. “indicate, name”
ES² root. “*place”
ESEK root. “*sedge, reed”
ESE(T) root. “precede (forward)”
ET root. “out, forth”
ETER root. “open, come out (of flowers, sun, etc.)”
EZGE root. “rustle, noise of leaves; shade”
GAL¹ root. “shine”
GAL² root. “grow, thrive”
GALAD root. “tree”
GALAN root. “bright”
GALAS root. “joy, be glad”
GAP root. “*hook”
GAR root. “keep, hold, possess; maintain, defend”
GARAD root. see GARAT
GARAT root. “*defend”
GAS root. “yawn, gape”
GAT root. “*catch”
GAT(H) root. “*cave”
GAW root. “think out, devise, contrive”
GAY root. “*red, copper-coloured, ruddy”
GAYAS root. “fear”
GEM root. “*sick” see GENGWA
GENG root. “*sick” see GENGWA
GENGWA root. “sick”
GEY root. “ever, everlasting”
GIL root. “shine (white or pale)”
GIR root. “quiver, shudder”
GLAM root. “*noise, echo”
(G)LAWAR root. “*gold”
(G)LIB root. “*ointment”
GLINDI root. “pale blue”
(G)LINGI root. “hang”
GLIR root. “sing, trill” see LIR¹
GOLOB root. “*branch”
GOLOS root. “*snow, white”
GONOD root. “stone”
GOR root. “violence, impetus, haste”
GOROM root.
GOS root. “dread”
GOTH root. see GOS
GOW root. see GAW
GRAD root. “to flatten, lay low/flat, make flat what was standing”
GRAW root. “dark, swart”
GRUD root. “[empty entry]” see RUD
root. “no, not”
GUL root. “*golden-red” see KUL
GWEN root. “*fresh, green”
GYĒ root.
GYEL root. “*cry of joy or triumph”
GYER root. “*old, worn out (of things)”
ƷAN root. “male”
ƷAR root. “have, hold”
ƷEL root. “sky”
ƷO root. “from, away, from among, out of”
ƷOR root.
Ī root. “to be” see
root. “that (deictic particle); [ᴱ√] here it is, root of relatives”
root. “intensive prefix”
ID root. “*desire, ?thought”
IL root. “all”
IMBE root. “dell, deep vale”
IMI root. “in” see MĪ/IMI
ING root. “first, foremost”
INI root. see NĪ¹/INI
INIK root. “*idea”
IR root. “desirable, beautiful”
IS root. “*know”
IW root. “[unglossed]”
KAB¹ root. “hollow”
KAB² root. “to be able, capable”
KAL root. “shine”
KALAR root. “be radiant”
KALPA root. “water-vessel”
KAM root. “bind, join”
KAN root. “dare”
KANAT root. “four”
KAP root. “leap”
KAR root. “make, build, construct”
KARAK root. “sharp fang, spike, tooth”
KARAN root. “red”
KARPA root. “?”
KAS root. “head”
KAT root. “shape, make”
KAY root. “lie (down)”
KAYAN root. “ten”
KAYAR root. see KAYAN
KEL root. “flow, flow away (downhill), run (of water or rivers), run away especially downwards or at end”
KEM root. “soil, earth”
KEN¹ root. “see, perceive, look at, observe, direct gaze”
KEN² root. “spearhead, gore”
KEPER root. “ridge; knob, head, top”
KHAD root.
KHAG root. “pile up”
KHAL¹ root. “(small) fish” see SKAL²
KHAL² root. “uplift, erect, lift from ground, (make) stand up”
KHAM¹ root. “sit (down)”
KHAM² root. “call to, summon, name by name”
KHAN root. “understand, comprehend”
KHAN(AK) root. “giant”
KHAP root. “enfold”
KHAR root. “helmet”
KHARAN root. “helmet” see KHAR
KHARAP root. “helmet” see KHAR
KHARAS root. “*precipice”
KHAT root. “hurl, cast, send through air, loose from hand”
KHAW root. “rest, lie at ease”
KHAY root. “far, distant, remote”
KHEL root. “freeze”
KHELEK root. “ice”
KHEN(DE) root. “eye; look at, see, observe, direct gaze”
KHER root. “rule, govern, possess”
KHES root. “command”
KHIL root. “follow”
KHIM root. “adhere, stick, cleave [to]”
KHIS root. see KHITH
KHITH root. “mist, fog”
KHLIP root. “[unglossed]”
KHOL root. “(small) fish” see SKAL²
KHO(N) root. “heart (physical)”
KHOP root. “*harbour, bay”
KHOR root. “set going, put in motion, urge on”
KHOT root. “be wroth, quarrel” see KOT(H)
KHOTH root. “gather”
KHUG root. “bark, bay”
KHUS root. “up from below ground, to ground level”
KHYAR root. “left hand”
KHYEL(ES) root. “glass”
KIL root. “divide”
KIM root. “light on, find, come by”
KIR root. “cleave”
KIRIK root. “*reap”
KIRIS root. “cut”
KIWIK root. “*thigh”
KOL root. “round, (?rim)”
KOPAR root. “knob, head, tip”
KOR root. “round”
KORKA root. “crow”
KOT(H) root. “quarrel, strive, be wroth”
KOY root. “live, have life”
KRAB root. “press”
root. “*coo”
KUB¹ root. “*mound, heap”
KUB² root. “bow” see KU(Ʒ)
KU(Ʒ) root. “bow”
KUL root. “golden-red”
KUM root. “void”
KUNDU root. “prince”
KUR root. “craft”
KURUM root. “*left”
KUY root. “come to life, awake”
KWA root. “something”
KWAL root. “die (in pain)”
KWAM root. “*sick”
KWAR root. “clutching hand, fist”
KWAT root. “*fill; full”
KWǢ root. “onomatopoetic”
KWEL root. “fade (away), die away, grow faint; wither”
KWEN(ED) root. “Elf”
KWES root. “*feather”
KWET root. “say”
KWIG root. “*bow (for shooting)”
KYAB root. “taste”
KYAR root. “cause, do”
KYEL root. “come to an end, cease, run out”
KYELEK root. “swift, agile”
KYELEP root. “silver”
KYEN root. “see, perceive, look at, observe, direct gaze” see KEN¹
LA root. “no, not; to be not”
LAB root. “lick”
LAD root. “lie flat, be flat”
LAG root. “*cut”
LAƷ root.
LAIK root. “keen, sharp, acute”
LAK¹ root. “swallow”
LAK² root. “swift” see (A)LAK
LAKH root. “kick”
(L)ALAM root. “elm-tree”
LAM root. “*sound”
LAN root. “weave”
LANK root. “swallow” see LAK¹
LAP root. “*babe”
LAR root. “rich, fat”
LAS¹ root. “*leaf”
LAS² root. “listen”
LAT root. “lie open; be extended, stretch, be situated (of an area)”
LATH root. “string, thong”
LAW root. “warm; abound”
LAWAR root. see (G)LAWAR
LAY root. “*be alive, flourish”
LAYAK root. “*fresh, green”
root. “go, fare”
LEB root. “stay, stick, adhere, remain, tarry” see LEM
LED root. “go, fare, travel”
LEK root. “loose, let loose, release”
LEM root. “stay, stick, adhere, remain, tarry”
LEN root. “(?road), way”
LEP root. “*finger”
LEPEK root. “five” see LEPEN
LEPEN root. “five”
LEPET root. “finger”
LETH root. see LEK
LI root. “many; large people”
LIB¹ root. “drip”
LIB² root. see (G)LIB
LIK root. “*keen, sharp, acute” see LAIK
LILT root. “dance”
LIÑ root. “*twang (descriptive of plucked strings)”
LIN¹ root. “pool”
LIN² root. “sing”
LINGI root. “hang” see (G)LINGI
LINKWI root. “*wet”
LIP root. “*wine”
LIR¹ root. “sing, trill”
LIR² root. “*row”
LIS root. “honey”
LISKI root. “?reed”
LIT root. “*(fine) grit”
LIW root. “*fish”
root. “ablative element”
LOD root. “*pass, path”
LOK root. “great serpent, dragon”
LOKH root. “*curl of hair”
LON root. “*island”
LOP root. “horse”
LOS root. “sleep” see (O)LOS
LOT(H) root. “flower”
LOY root. “lack, be without; miss, fail to go”
LU root. “*time”
LUB¹ root. “weary”
[ᴱ✶]*LUB² root. “lump”
LUG¹ root. “be heavy”
LUG² root. “*blue”
LUK root. “magic, enchantment”
LUM root. “*shadow”
LUR root. “be quiet, still, calm”
LUS root. “*empty”
LUT root. “float, swim”
MAD root. “*pale (yellow)”
MAG root. “use, handle”
MAƷ root. “hand”
MAIGA root. “[unglossed]”
MAK root. “sword; fight (with a sword), cleave”
MAN root. “holy spirit”
MANAD root. “doom, final end, fate, fortune”
MAP root. “lay hold of with hand, seize”
MAS root. “knead; [ᴱ√] cook, bake” see M(B)AS
MASAG root. “knead, make soft by rubbing, kneading”
MAT root. “eat”
(M)BAD root. “duress, prison, doom, hell; *judge”
MBAKH root. “exchange”
MBAL root. “?crush, pound”
MBAR root. “dwell, inhabit”
MBARAT root. “fate”
M(B)AS root. “knead”
MBAT(H) root. “screen, shield”
MBAW root. “compel, force, subject, oppress”
M(B)ER root. “*feast, festive”
MBIRIL root. “*crystal”
MBOTH root. “*pool”
(M)BUD root. “jut out, project”
MEL root. “love (as friend)”
MEN root. “go, proceed”
MENEL root. “heaven, sky”
MER root. “wish (for), want, desire”
MEREK root.
MET root. “end”
MĪ/IMI root. “in, inside”
MIL root. “*soft, gentle, weak”
MIL(IK) root. “*greed, lust”
MIN root. “stand alone, stick out”
MINIK(W) root. “*eleven”
MIR root. “*precious”
MIS¹ root. “go free, stray, wander”
MIS² root. “*wet”
MISIK root. “*wet”
MIT root. “small”
MITH root. “*mist, grey”
MIW¹ root. “whine”
MIW² root. “*small, tiny, frail”
MIZDI root. “*fine rain, dew”
root. “*labour”
MOR root. “*black, dark”
MOROK root. “*bear”
MOY root. “*dear”
root. see
MUN root. “‽groan, moan”
MUY root. “*secret”
N- root. “intensive”
NĀ¹/ANA¹ root. “to, towards”
NĀ²/ANA² root. “be, exist”
NAD root. “*plain, valley”
NAK root. “bite”
NAKAT root. “eighteen”
NAN root. “*mother”
NAR¹ root. “flame, fire”
NAR² root. “tell, relate” see NYAR
NARAK root. “tear, rend (tr. and intr.)”
NARTA root. “kindle”
NAS root. “point, sharp end”
NAT root. “lace, weave, tie”
NAWAK root. “*dwarf”
NAY root. “lament”
NAYAK root. “pain”
NDAG root. “*slay” see (N)DAK
(N)DAK root. “slay”
(N)DAM root. “hammer, beat”
(N)DAN root. “back, backwards”
NDAR root. “sign”
(N)DER root. “adult male, man; bridegroom”
(N)DEW root. “follow, come behind”
(N)DI root. “in”
N(D)IL root. “friend; love, devotion”
NDIS root. “*bride”
NDOL root. “*head”
NDOR root. “dwell, stay, rest, abide”
NDŪ root. “go down, sink, set (of Sun)”
(N)DUB root. “lay base, foundation, root; found”
(N)DUL root. “hide, conceal”
N(D)UR root. “bow down, bend (low), obey, serve; grow/be dark”
NE root. “*in”
NED root. see (E)NED
NEG root. “*honey”
ÑEL root. “friendship”
NEL root. “three”
NELED root. “three”
NELEK root. “tooth”
NEN root. “*water”
NEÑ root. “*nose”
NER root. see (N)DER
NETER root. “nine”
NETH root. “young”
NEY root. “tear”
ÑGAN(AD) root. “play (on stringed instrument)”
ÑGARAM root. “*wolf”
ÑGAW root. “howl”
ÑGOL root. “wise, wisdom, be wise”
ÑGOLOD root. “one of the wise folk, Gnome”
ÑGOROTH root. “horror”
ÑGOW root. “*thigh”
ÑGUR root. “*death”
(Ñ)GWAL root. “(suffer) torment, agony”
ÑGYAL(AM) root. “talk loud or incoherently”
ÑGYO(N) root. “grandchild, descendant”
NĪ¹/INI root. “female”
NIB root. “face, front”
NID¹ root. “lean against”
NID² root. “hurt, injure”
NIK(W) root. “*snow; white”
NINDI root. “fragile, thin”
NIS root. “woman”
ÑIW root. “wink, hint”
NŌ/ONO root. “beget”
ÑOL root. “smell (intr.)”
ÑO(N) root.
NOR root. “run as of wheels, roll along”
NOROTH root. “*giant”
NOT root. “count, reckon”
NOW root. “think, form idea, imagine”
NU/UNU root. “*down, under”
NUR root. “deep”
NUS root. “sense, wisdom”
NUT root. “tie, bind”
NYAD root. “gnaw”
NYAR root. “tell, relate”
NYEL root. “ring, sing, give out a sweet sound”
NYOL root. “ring” see NYEL
OD root. “?round, about” see OS
OL root. “grow”
(O)LOR root. “sleep; dream”
(O)LOS root. “sleep; dream”
OM root. “*sound”
ONO root. see NŌ/ONO
ORO root. “rise, up, high” see RŌ/ORO
OROK root. “*goblin”
(O)ROM root. “loud noise, horn blast”
ORON root. “high tree”
OROT root. “height, mountain”
OS root. “round, about”
OT/OTOS/OTOK root. “seven”
OTH root. “fort”
OY¹ root. “ever, eternal”
OY² root. “live, pass one’s days”
PAD root. “*enclosure”
PAL¹ root. “wide (open)”
PAL² root. “beat”
PALAP root. “*beat”
PAN root. “place, set, fix in place (especially of wood)”
PAR root. “compose, put together, arrange”
PARAK root. “*dry”
PAS root. “*juice”
PAT root. “*open”
PATH root. “*smooth”
PEG root. “(?outer) mouth”
PEL(ES) root. “revolve on fixed point”
PEN(ED) root. “*hillside, slope”
PER root. “divide in middle, halve”
PERES root. “affect, disturb, alter”
PHAL root. “foam”
PHALAS root. see PHAL
PHAN root. “[unglossed]”
PHAR root. “reach, go all the way, suffice”
PHARAN root.
PHAS root. “*tangle, shag, fringe”
PHAW root. “gape”
PHAY root. “radiate, send out rays of light”
PHEG root. “inner part, pith, core; of person, (?inner spirit)”
PHELEG root. “cave”
PHELEK root. “(animal’s) horn; steep mountain peak”
PHEN root. “*door”
PHER(EN) root. “beech”
PHEW root. “feel disgust at, abhor”
PHI root. “?hawk”
PHILIK root. “small bird”
PHIN root. “nimbleness, skill”
PHIR root. “die of natural causes”
PHOR root. “right-hand”
PHUY root. “*darkness”
PIK root. “*tiny”
PILIN root. “*arrow”
PIS root. “*juice”
PITH root. “spit”
PIW root. “spit”
POL(OD) root. “physically strong”
POR root. “*meal, flour”
POT root. “animal’s foot”
POY root. “*clean”
PUS root. “stop, halt, pause” see PUT
PUT root. “stop, halt, pause”
RAB¹ root. “*wild”
RAB² root. “*wall”
RAD root. “back, return”
RAG root. “*crooked”
RAK root. “stretch out, reach”
RAM root. “*wing, fly”
RAMBA root. see RAB²
RAN root. “wander, stray”
RAP¹ root. “bind”
RAP² root. “climb (as a tree by clinging[?])”
RAPH root. “snatch”
RAS root. “stick up (intr.)”
RASAT root. “twelve”
RAT root. “walk, go in a line (as a road)”
RAUTA root. “metal”
RAW root. “*roar”
RAYAK root. “*crooked, bent, wrong”
RED root. “scatter, sow”
REG root. “edge, border, margin”
REK root. see (E)REK
REP root. “bend, hook”
root. “*edge, border” see (S)RI
RIG root. “*crown”
RIƷ root. “*crown” see RIG
RIK(H) root. “jerk, sudden move, flirt”
RIL root. “glitter”
RIM root. “abound; large number”
RIN root. “*circle”
RINGI root. “cold”
RIP root. “rush, fly, fling, hurl”
RIS root. “slash, rip”
RIY root. “*scatter”
RŌ/ORO root. “rise, up, high”
ROD root. “roof, cave”
ROK root. “run on foot”
ROM root. see (O)ROM
ROS¹ root. “distil, drip”
ROS² root. “*plain”
ROT root. “bore, tunnel”
ROY¹ root. “chase”
ROY² root. “ruddy, red”
RUD root. “*piece of wood”
RUK¹ root. “demon”
RUK² root. “pluck”
RUN root. “flat of hand or sole of foot”
RUS root. “flash, glitter of metal”
S root. “demonstrative stem”
SAB root. “juice”
SAG root. “*bitter, poison”
SAK root. “?hurt, injury”
#SALAK root. “*grass”
SALAP root. “lick up, *sip”
SAM root. “unite, join”
SAR root. “*stone”
SAY root. “know, understand”
SED root. “rest”
SEL(D) root. “child”
SER root. “love, be fond of (of liking, friendship)”
SI root. “this, here, now”
SIK root. “*dagger, knife”
SIL root. “shine silver”
SILIP root.
SIR root. “flow”
SIS root. “hiss” see SUS
SIW root. “excite, egg on, urge”
SKAL¹ root. “screen, hide (from light), overshadow”
SKAL² root. “small fish”
SKAR¹ root. “tear, rend”
SKAR² root. “?stop, end; limit, marge”
SKAT root. “break asunder”
SKEL root. “*strip”
SKIL root. “[unglossed]”
SKOR root. “look out for, expect, wait for”
SKWAR root. “crooked”
SKYAP root. “*shoe”
SLIG root. “*entwine, thread; spider”
SLIK root. “creep”
SLIN root. “*fine, delicate”
(S)LIT root. “swiftly[?] speed[?]”
SLIW root. “sickly”
SLUK root. “swallow”
SLUS root. “whisper”
SMAG root. “soil, stain”
SMAL root. “yellow”
SNAR root. “tie”
SNAS root. “*gore, triangle”
SNAT root. “*gore, triangle” see SNAS
SNEW root. “entangle”
SNUR root. “twist”
SOK root. “drink” see SUK
SOL root. “*surf”
SON root. “love, befriend, cherish”
SPAL(AS) root. “*foam”
SPAN root. “white”
SPANAG root. “*beard”
SPAR¹ root. “hunt, pursue”
SPAR² root. “strew, spread, ?scatter”
SPAY root. “despise, contemn”
SPIN root. “*hair”
SRAD root. “to flatten, lay low/flat, make flat what was standing” see GRAD
(S)RI root. “*edge, border”
SRIP root. “scratch”
SRŌ root. “east”
SRUS root. “whisper” see SLUS
STĀ root. “[unglossed]”
STAB root. “*wood”
STAG root. “press, compress”
STAK root. “split, insert”
STAL root. “steep”
STALAG root. “*stalwart, steady, firm”
STAN root. “fix, indicate, decide”
STAR root. “stiff”
STARAN root. “*stiff, hard”
STELEG root. “*point (of spear)”
STIN root. “[unglossed]”
STINTĀ root. “short”
STUD root. “base, ground”
SUB root. “sink (esp. in water)”
SUD root. “base, ground” see STUD
SUG root. “drink” see SUK
SUK root. “drink, drain”
SULUK root. “*root (especially as edible)”
*SULUP root. “lap up”
SUS root. “hiss”
SWAD root. “*sponge, fungus”
SWES root. “noise of blowing or breathing”
SWIN root. “whirl, eddy”
SYAD¹ root. “shear through, cleave (through)”
SYAD² root. “compress”
SYAL root. “*resound”
TA root. “that”
TĀ/TAƷ root. “high, lofty; noble”
TAK root. “fix, make fast, make”
TAL¹ root. “foot”
TAL² root. “appraise, esteem, value”
TALAM root. “base, root, foundation; floor, ground”
TALAT root. “to slip or slide down, incline, slope, lean, tip, topple over”
TAM root. “knock”
TAN¹ root. “make, fashion”
TAN² root. “*show”
TANG root. “ting (onomatopoeic)” see TING
TAP root. “stop”
TARAG root. “*tough, stiff”
TARAK root. “horn (of animals)”
TARAS root. “*trouble”
TAS root. “*fringe”
TATA root. “two”
TATHAR root. “*willow”
TAWAR root. “wood, forest”
TAY root. “extend, make long(er), stretch”
TEK root. “write or draw (signs or letters), make a mark”
TELED root. “*hindmost” see TELES
TELEK root. “stalk, stem, leg”
TELEP root. “silver”
TELES root. “hindmost, tarrier”
TEL(U) root. “*roof”
TEÑ root. “line, direction”
TER root. “pierce”
TERES root. “*pierced hole”
THA root. “forward”
THAR¹ root. “across, beyond”
THAR² root. “stand”
THĒ root. “look (see or seem)”
THEL(ES) root. “sister”
THIL root.
THIN root. “*grey”
THIR root.
THON root. “*pine”
THOR(ON) root. “come swooping down”
THŪ root. “puff, blow”
THUR root. “surround, fence, ward, hedge in, secrete”
THUS root. “*smell, stench”
TIK root. “*dot”
TIL root. “point, horn”
TIN root. “sparkle, emit slender (silver pale) beams”
TING root. “ting (onomatopoeic)”
TINKŌ root. “metal”
TIR root. “watch, guard”
TIT root. “*little, tiny”
TIW root. “fat, thick”
TOL¹-OTH/OT root. “eight”
TOL² root. “*stand up”
TON root. “tap, knock”
TOP root. “cover, roof”
TOR root. “brother”
TOW root. “*wool”
TUB root. “to fall low[?], go down (below normal ground level), (esp.) to go down (sink, dive) into water”
TUG root. “*muscle”
TUK root. “draw, bring”
TUL root. “come, approach, move towards (point of speaker)”
TULUK root. “*support, prop; steady, firm”
TUMPU root. “hump”
TUN root. “*tall; mound”
TUNG root. “ting (onomatopoeic)” see TING
TUP root. “*cover”
TUR root. “power, control, mastery, victory”
TURUM root. “*shield”
TUS root. “*bush”
TUY root. “sprout, spring”
TYAL root. “play”
TYUL root. “stand up (straight)”
UB¹ root. “abound”
UB² root. “ponder, have in mind”
UGU root. “negative stems” see UMU
ULU root. “pour, flow”
ULUG root. “*hideous, deformed”
UMU root. “negative stems”
UÑG root. “*gloom”
UNU root. “*down, under” see NU/UNU
UNUK root. “*hollow”
UR¹ root. “be hot”
UR² root. “wide, large, great”
URUK root. “[unglossed]”
US root. “[unglossed]”
USUK root. “*reek, smoke; dusk”
UY root. “*long trailing plant”
VAG root. “stain, soil” see WAƷ
VEY root. “wind, weave” see WEY
root. “blow”
WAD root. “err, stray”
WAƷ root. “stain, soil”
WAIWA root. “blow”
WAN root. “depart, go away, disappear, vanish”
WAR root. “give way, yield, not endure, let down, betray”
WATH root. “shade”
WAW root. “blow” see WAIWA
WAY root. “enfold”
WED root. “bind”
WEG root. “(manly) vigour”
WEN(ED) root. “maiden”
WEY root. “wind, weave”
WIG root. “*foam”
WIL root. “fly, float in air”
WIN root. “new, fresh, young”
WIN(I)D root. “pale blue”
WIR root. “new, fresh, young”
WIS root. “air”
WO root. “together”
YA root. “there, over there; (of time) back, ago”
YAB root. “fruit”
YAG root. “yawn, gape”
YAK root. “*neck”
YAL root. “to cry”
YAM root. “to cry” see YAL
YAN¹ root. “*holy” see (A)YAN
YAN² root. “give”
YAR root. “blood”
YAT root. “join”
YAY root. “mock”
root. “to be”
YEL¹ root. “daughter”
YEL² root. “friend”
YEN¹ root. “year”
YEN² root. “daughter”
YER root. “feel sexual desire”
YES root. “desire”
YO(N) root. “son”
root. “two, both”
YUK root. “employ, use”
YUL root. “smoulder”
YUR root. “run”