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ᴹ√KYAR root. “cause, do”

ᴹ√KYAR root. “cause, ⚠️do”
‽ᴱ√KAHA “cause”

This root appeared in The Etymologies of the 1930s glossed “cause, do” as an etymological variant of ᴹ√KAR “make, build, construct”; its derivatives include ᴹQ. tyar- “cause” and ᴹQ. tyaro “doer, actor, agent” (Ety/KAR, KYAR). Tolkien seems to have introduced this root after deciding that ᴹ√KAR did not mean “do”, only “make, build” (Ety/KAR: original entry). Tolkien’s continued use of Q. tyar- “cause” in his later writings (PE22/154; VT43/18) indicates its ongoing validity, despite the restoration of the sense “do” to √KAR.

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