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ᴹ√BEW root. “follow, serve”

ᴹ√BEW root. “follow, serve”

This root appeared in the Etymologies, with derivatives only in the Telerin family of languages, making it likely that Quenya did not use this root. Its most notable derivative was the name N. Beor “Vassal”, primogenitor of the House of Beor.

In later writings, Tolkien said that Bëor “signified ‘Vassal’ in the name of his people [that is, in Beorian]” (S/142), indicating that this name was not Sindarin. This calls into question whether √BEW remained valid as a Primitive Elvish root in later writings. It is possible, though, that beor was a loan word into Beorian from Sindarin or Nandorin, so that its Sindarin and Telerin derivatives remained valid.

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Reference ✧ Ety/BEW ✧ “follow, serve”