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ᴹ√YUL root. “smoulder”

⚠️ᴹ√YUL root. “smoulder”
^ᴺ√YOL “smoulder”

A root in The Etymologies of the 1930s glossed “smoulder” with derivatives like ᴹQ. yúla/N. iûl “ember(s)” and ᴹQ. yulma/N. iolf “brand” (Ety/YUL). In all likelihood it was supplanted by the later root √YUL “drink”.

Neo-Eldarin: For purposes of Neo-Eldarin, I’d recommend positing a Neo-Root √YOL “smoulder”, which could salvage the Noldorin derivatives of this root. This doesn’t clash with (Neo-)Sindarin derivatives of √YUL “drink”, since in Sindarin the initial yu- became the (vowel) y, as in S. ylf “drinking-vessel” (WJ/416).

References ✧ Ety/GUL, YUL