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ᴹ√ROS² root. “*plain”

⚠️ᴹ√ROS² root. “*plain”
LAT¹ “open, unenclosed, free to entry, [ᴹ√] lie open; be extended, stretch, be situated (of an area); ⚠️[√] low, lowlying, at ground level”
ROS “spindrift, spray; [ᴹ√] distil, drip”

An unglossed root in The Etymologies of the 1930s with the derivative Ilk. rost “plain, wide land between mountains”, an element in the names Ilk. Nivrost “West Vale” and Ilk. Radhrost “East Vale” (Ety/ROS²). In later versions of The Silmarillion these names became S. Nevrast “Hither Shore” (S/119) and S. Talath Rhúnen “East Vale” (S/124), making it likely that ᴹ√ROS² “*plain” was abandoned.

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