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ᴹ√EPH root. “emerge (especially from water, opp[osite] of dive)”

A root glossed “emerge (especially from water, opp[osite] of dive)” appearing in the Quenya Verbal System written in 1948, replacing rejected roots ᴹ√KUSU and ᴹ√KHUSU of similar meaning (PE22/127). The page where it appeared was crossed out, but I think it’s worth retaining this root for the purposes for Neo-Eldarin, since there are no better alternatives for “emerge” attested in Tolkien’s published writings.

Reference ✧ PE22/127 ✧ EPH- “emerge (especially from water, opp[osite] of dive)”


ᴹ√KHUS root. “up from below ground, to ground level”

See ᴹ√EPH for discussion.

References ✧ PE22/127