Q. Írimë f. “*Lovely”

Q. Írimë, f. “*Lovely”

The father-name of the fourth child and youngest daughter of Finwë (MR/207, PM/343). It seems to be a feminized form of the adjective írima “desirable, lovely”.

Conceptual Development: When she first appeared, her name was given as Írimë and she was either the middle or youngest daughter, varying in birth-order with a third daughter Faniel (MR/207, 238), who later disappeared from the texts. At one point her name was temporarily changed to Finvain (MR/262), but later still she reappeared as Írimë, as the second of only two daughters (PM/343). Confusingly, her name was then changed to Írien just a few lines later, without explanation.

Christopher Tolkien discusses the changing names for Finwë’s daughters on PM/359, notes #26 and #28. This entry uses Írimë as the most common of her names.

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írima “desirable, lovely” ✧ PE17/112

Q. Finvain f.

A passing name for the youngest daughter of Finwë (MR/262), in earlier and later writings called Írimë (MR/207, PM/343). The meaning of this name is unclear.

References ✧ MRI; PMI