S. Baravorn m. “Hamfast”

S. Baravorn, m. “Hamfast”

A Sindarin translation of the name of Sam’s son “Hamfast”, appearing in the unfinished epilog to The Lord of the Rings (SD/121) and the King’s Letter (SD/129). The first element of the name is likely bâr “home”, and the second element is probably some derivative of the root ᴹ√BOR(ON) “endure”, perhaps born² (though David Salo suggested avorn, GS/343).

Conceptual Development: In earlier drafts of the epilog, Hamfast was translated as N. Marthanc (SD/117). This is likely a combination of a variant of N. bár “home” and a mutated form of N. tanc “firm” as suggested by Roman Rausch (EE/3.2).

References ✧ AotM/62; SD/121, 126, 129; SDI1/Baravorn, Marthanc



bâr “house, dwelling, home”
?born² “[stead]fast”

Element In

N. Marthanc m. “Hamfast”

See S. Baravorn for discussion.

References ✧ SD/117; SDI1/Marthanc




bár “home; earth”
tanc “firm” liquid-mutation