Q. Valandur m. “*Servant of the Vala”

Q. Valandur, m. “*Servant of the Vala”

Eighth king of Gondor (LotR/1038). His name is a compound of Vala and the suffix -(n)dur “-servant”.

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts, the name ᴹQ. Valandur was used for a possible third son of Isildur, but this character was rejected (TI/120).

References ✧ LotRI; PE21/86; PMI


Vala “(Angelic) Power, ‘God’, Authority”
-(n)dur “servant; to serve”
-ndūr “attend, tend” ✧ PE21/86

ᴹQ. Valandur m. “*Servant of the Vala”

See Q. Valandur for discussion.

References ✧ TI/120; TII


Vala “Power, God”
-(n)dur “*servant”