Ad. Indilzar Azrabêlôhin “*Line of Elros [son] of Earendil”

Ad. Indilzar Azrabêlôhin “*Line of Elros [son] of Earendil”
A draft Adûnaic phrase for the members of “the elder house” (SD/365, 382) which appears with and without the patronymic suffix -hin. Though untranslated, Indilzar Azrabêlô seems to mean “Elros of Eärendil”, and the patronymic -hin probably means “the line of ...” or “the house of ...” or more literally “*child”, the last translation suggested by Carl Hostetter and Patrick Wynne (AAD/13). This phrase uses an earlier form Indilzar for the Adûnaic name of Elros (instead of later Gimilzôr) and an earlier form Azrabêl of the Adûnaic name of his father Eärendil (instead of later Azrubêl). It also seems to include the suffix , although this could also be the draft-genitive inflection.

References ✧ SD/365, 382; SDI2/Azrubêl




Indilzar ✧ SD/363; SD/382
Azrubêl “Sea-lover, Friend of the Sea” ✧ SD/359 (Azrabêl); SD/382 (Azrabêl)
“from” ✧ SD/365 (-o); SD/382
*-hin “child, patronymic” ✧ SD/382