S. Imlad Morgul loc. “Morgul Vale”

S. Imlad Morgul, loc. “Morgul Vale”

Sindarin name of Morgul Vale (LotR/694), a combination of imlad “valley” and morgul “sorcery” (RC/482).

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, this name first appeared as N. Imlad Morghul (WR/223, note #25).

References ✧ LotR/694; LotRI/Imlad Morgul, Morgul Vale; RC/482; SA/lad



imlad “deep valley, narrow valley with steep sides, gap, gully” ✧ LotRI/Morgul Vale; RC/482; SA/lad
morgul “black arts, sorcery, necromancy” ✧ RC/482

N. Imlad Morghul loc. “Vale of Morghul”

See S. Imlad Morgul for discussion.

References ✧ SDI1/Imlad Morghul; WR/223; WRI/Imlad Morghul



imlad “dell, deep vale, glen”
morgul “sorcery”