Ad. Nimir n. (strong-I gendered common) “Elf, (lit.) Shining One” (Category: Elf, Fairy)

Ad. Nimir n. (strong-I gendered common) “Elf, (lit.) Shining One” (Category: Elf, Fairy)

A noun translated “Elf” (WJ/419) and fully declined as an example of a Strong I noun (SD/436). In one place, its plural Nimrî was translated “Shining Ones” (SD/358), which indicates was probably derived from the Primitive Adûnaic root √NIMIR.

Conceptual Development: In its earliest appearances from the 1940s, this noun had the plural form Nimrî (SD/358, 388) as opposed to later plural Nimîr (SD/388, 436), which could indicate either an earlier singular form Nimri or a variant syntax for draft-plural formation. The word also appears in Tolkien’s Quendi and Eldar essay from 1959-60 (WJ/386), indicating that this word survived in Tolkien’s later conception of Adûnaic.

References ✧ SD/358, 388-389, 414, 436; SDI2/Nimrî; WJ/386, 419; WJI/Nimîr






Nimrî draft-plural “Shining Ones” ✧ SD/358; SDI2/Nimrî
Nimrî draft-plural   ✧ SD/388
nimrā̆t dual; normal-and-subjective   ✧ SD/436
#Nimru objective; objective-with-syncope   ✧ SD/389
nimru- objective; objective-with-syncope   ✧ SD/436
nimur- objective   ✧ SD/436
Nimîr plural   ✧ SD/388; SDI2/Nimrî
Nimîr plural “the Beautiful” ✧ WJ/386
Nimîr plural “Elves” ✧ WJI/Nimîr
Nimīr plural   ✧ SD/414
nimīr plural   ✧ SD/436
nimrim plural subjective   ✧ SD/436
nimran subjective   ✧ SD/436

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