Q. Míriel (Míriell-) f. “*Jewel-daughter”

Q. Míriel (Míriell-), f. “*Jewel-daughter”

This name was given to two different women in Tolkien’s legendarium. First, it was the name of the first wife of Finwë, the mother of Fëanor (S/63). She was the first Elf to die a non-violent death, for which she was also called Fíriel “She that Sighed, She that Died” (MR/250). The second woman, Tar-Míriel, was the Quenya name of the queen of Númenor, also known as Ad. Ar-Zimraphel (S/269, UT/224). The first element of this name is almost certainly mírë “jewel”. The second element is the suffix -iel, which either means “-daughter” or is a general feminine suffix.

Conceptual Development: The first name given to the last queen of Númenor was ᴹQ. Istar >> Tar-Ilien (LR/27).

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Míriello genitive “of ... Míriel” ✧ MR/258


mírë “jewel, gem, precious thing, treasure; precious” ✧ PE17/24; SA/mîr
-iel “-daughter; feminine suffix”

Element In


ᴹQ. Ilien f.

Tar-Ilien (first written as rejected Istar) was the earliest name for the last queen of Númenor, later called Q. Tar-Míriel. The language and meaning of this name is unclear.

See Q. Míriel for further discussion.

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