Ilk. [ð]

Ilk. [ð]

The voiced dental spirant developed from primitive [d] after vowels, and also medially from the voiceless dental spirant [θ] (PE19/23), which itself developed from the primitive aspirate [tʰ]. As such, it could not appear at the beginning of an Ilkorin word.

References ✧ PE19/23


Element In

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶-khj- > -ðı̯- [-kʰj-] > [-xj-] > [-θj-] > [-ði-] ✧ PE19/23

Phonetic Development

Ilk. voiced stops spirantalized after vowels < Vd ✧ PE19/23 (-d- > -ð-)
Ilk. medial voiceless spirants voiced after vowels -Vð- < -Vθ- ✧ PE19/23 (-th- > -ð-)