Ilk. [d]

Ilk. [d]

The voiced dental stop survived initially from Primitive Elvish into Ilkorin (PE19/18), but after vowels it became [ð] (PE19/23). However, a [d] developed from primitive [t] after a vowel (PE19/23) and was also preserved in medial clusters after a consonant, and so could appear anywhere in an Ilkorin word.

References ✧ PE18/104; PE19/18, 20-21, 23


Element In

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶-kj- > -d- [-kj-] > [-t-] > [-d-] ✧ PE19/23

Phonetic Development

Ilk. [no change] d < d ✧ PE19/18 (d- > d-); PE19/21 (dr- > dr-)
Ilk. voiceless stops voiced after vowels Vd < Vt ✧ PE18/104 (´t > ´d); PE19/23 (-t- > -d-)
Ilk. initial nasals usually vanished before stops d- < nd- ✧ PE19/20 (nd- > d, nd)
Ilk. [dl] became [gl] gl < dl ✧ PE19/21 (dl- > gl-)