S. Taur-na-Chardhîn loc. “Forest of Southern Silence”

S. Taur-na-Chardhîn, loc. “Forest of Southern Silence”

Another name for Taur-im-Duinath appearing in revisions to the Silmarillion maps from the 1950s-1960s, translated “Forest of Southern Silence” (WJ/185). This name a combination of taur “forest”, na(n) “of”, the soft mutation char- of harn “southern” and the soft mutation dhîn of dîn “silence”.

Reference ✧ WJI/Taur-na-Chardhîn ✧ “Forest of Southern Silence”


taur “forest, wood” ✧ WJI/Taur-na-Chardhîn
na(n) “of; with, along with, accompanied by, provided with or by, associated with, marked with” ✧ WJI/Taur-na-Chardhîn (na)
harn “south, southern” nasal-mutation ✧ WJI/Taur-na-Chardhîn (Char-)
dîn “silence; silent, quiet” soft-mutation ✧ WJI/Taur-na-Chardhîn (dhîn)