Q. A ancalima imb’ illi “A is brightest of all”

Q. A ancalima imb’ illi, “A is brightest of all”

References ✧ PE17/56-57, 91; VT47/30




calima “bright, luminous” intensive ✧ PE17/56 (ancalima); PE17/91 (ankalima); PE17/91 (ankalima)
ar(i)- “superlative prefix; good” ✧ PE17/56 (ar)
melda “beloved, dear, sweet” intensive ✧ PE17/57 (anamelda); PE17/56 (arimelda)
ná- “to be” ✧ PE17/57 (na); PE17/57 (na)
epë “after (of time), following; before (in all relations but time)” elided ✧ PE17/57 (ep’)
ilya “every, each, all (of a particular group of things)” ✧ PE17/57; PE17/57 (ilyaron)
imbë¹ “between, among” plural ✧ PE17/91 (imbi); PE17/91 (imb’)
elen “star” plural ✧ PE17/91 (eleni)
illi “all” ✧ PE17/91