Ad. dulgu adj. “black, dark” (Category: Black)

Ad. dulgu adj. “black, dark” (Category: Black)

An adjective translated “black” (SD/247). It appears in its plural form dulgî “black” in the final version of the Lament of Akallabêth (SD/247) and in its singular form dulgu in the second draft of this text (SD/312). It may be related to S. dûr “dark” and N. doll “obscure, hidden, dusky”, as suggested by Carl Hostetter and Patrick Wynn (AAD/14). It is likely related to or a variant of dolgu “black, dark”.

References ✧ SD/247, 312



dulgu no-agreement   ✧ SD/312
dulgī plural “black” ✧ SD/247

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