S. Gothmog m.

S. Gothmog, m.

Lord of the Balrogs (S/107) and one of the Nazgûls (LotR/846), this name is a derivation of the roots ᴹ√GOTH “dread” and ᴹ√MBAW “oppress” (Ety/GOS, MBAW).

Conceptual Development: The name G. Gothmog “Strife-and-hatred” dates back to the earliest Lost Tales, where he was the son of Melko(r) (LT2/67). In the Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, N. Gothmog became the Lord of the Balrogs (LR/117), and in The Etymologies his name was given the derivation described above (Ety/GOS, MBAW). At one point Tolkien considered making it an Orc name meaning “Voice of Goth” (LR/406), but there is no indication this was anything other than a transient idea.

References ✧ LBI; LotRI; SI; UTI; WJI

N. Gothmog m. “Voice of Goth”

See S. Gothmog for discussion.

References ✧ Ety/GOS, MBAW; LR/406; LRI; SMI; WRI




ᴹ√GOS “dread” ✧ Ety/GOS (GOTH)
ᴹ√MBAW “compel, force, subject, oppress” ✧ Ety/GOS


Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶Gothombauk- > Gothmog [gotʰombauko] > [gotʰombǭko] > [goθombǭko] > [goθombouko] > [goθombauko] > [goθombauk] > [goθombaug] > [goθmbaug] > [goθmbaug] > [goθmmaug] > [goθmaug] ✧ Ety/MBAW

G. Gothmog m. “Strife-and-hatred”

References ✧ LT1A/Kosomot; LT1I; LT2/67, 216; LT2A/Gothmog; LT2I/Gothmog, Kosmoko; PE13/105; PE15/26; PME/48; QL/62




goth “war, strife” ✧ LT1A/Kosomot; LT2/67; LT2A/Gothmog
ᴱ√MOKO “hate” ✧ LT1A/Kosomot; QL/62
mog- “to detest, hate” ✧ LT2/67; LT2A/Gothmog
ᴱ√GOÞO “strive; angry” ✧ QL/62 (KOSO)