Q. Nerdanel f.

Q. Nerdanel, f.

The wife of Fëanor (S/64; PM/353, 368). The meaning of this name is obscure, though the initial element might be nér “man” referring to her masculine strength of will. This element also appears in Nerwen, the mother-name of her niece Galadriel.

Conceptual Development: Her name was first written as (rejected) Istarnië (MR/273).

References ✧ MR/273; MRI; PMI; SI; SMI


nér “man, male person”

Q. Istarnië f.

The original (rejected) name of the wife of Fëanor, soon replaced by Nerdanel (MR/273). This name resembles the word Istar, and may have a similar meaning.

References ✧ MR/273; MRI/Nerdanel