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KUB root. “hide, secrete”

KUB root. “hide, secrete”
ᴹ√KUB¹ “*mound, heap”
ᴱ√FURU “*conceal”

A root appearing in 1969 Late Notes on Verbs with the gloss “hide, secrete” with Quenya derivatives of similar meanings, also serving as the basis of the final element of S. gurgof “traitor” < ✶gōr(i)kubā (PE22/155). Tamas Ferencz suggested this root could be used in Neo-Eldarin to replace the senses “to lie, lying” from the early root ᴱ√FURU, which likewise seems to have meant “*conceal”.

Reference ✧ PE22/155 ✧ “hide, secrete”