ᴹQ. #Númeheru pn.

ᴹQ. #Númeheru, pn.

A term for the Valar as Lords of the West from various stories about Númenor from the 1940s (SD/246, 290, 311). This name is a compound of númen “west” and heru “lord”.

Conceptual Development: ᴹQ. Númekundo was an earlier variant of this name using kundu “prince” instead of heru “lord” (SD/311).

References ✧ SD/246, 290, 311


númenheruen genitive   ✧ SD/290
Nūmevalion genitive plural “Powers of the West” ✧ SD/290
númeheruvi plural “Lords-of-West” ✧ SD/246
númeheruvi plural   ✧ SD/311


númen “west”
heru “lord, master”

Element In

ᴹQ. Númekundo pn. “*West Prince”

See ᴹQ. #Númeheru for discussion.

Reference ✧ SD/311 ✧ Nūmekundo



númen “west”
kundu “prince”

Element In