Ad. zinî n. (weak-II gendered fem) “female” (Category: Female)

Ad. zinî n. (weak-II gendered fem) “female” (Category: Female)

A noun translated “female” and fully declined as an example of an (archaic) feminine Strong II noun (SD/437). The archaic form of this word is †zini which is a Strong II noun since it ends in a single short vowel. Its non-archaic form is zinî, which is presumably declined as a Weak II noun; most masculine and feminine nouns became weak in Classical Adûnaic (SD/436).

References ✧ SD/437





zinā̆t dual; archaic-strong-dual ✧ SD/437
zinu- objective; archaic-strong-objective ✧ SD/437
zinī plural; archaic-strong-plural ✧ SD/437
zinīm plural subjective; archaic-strong-plural ✧ SD/437
zinin subjective; archaic-strong-subjective ✧ SD/437