S. Eryn Lasgalen loc. “Greenwood the Great, (lit.) Wood of Greenleaves”

S. Eryn Lasgalen, loc. “Greenwood the Great, (lit.) Wood of Greenleaves”
The name of Mirkwood after its restoration at the end of the War of the Ring (LotR/1094, Let/382). The initial element is eryn “woods”, and the second element is a compound of lass “leaf” with the lenited form of calen (PE17/33, Let/382). Elsewhere, L(h)asgalen “Green of Leaf” was given as one of the names for Laurelin (LR/210, MR/155).

References ✧ Let/382; LotR/1094; LotRI/Mirkwood; LRI/Eryn Lasgalen; PE17/33; UT/281; UTI/Eryn Lasgalen




eryn “wood, forest (of trees)” ✧ PE17/33
lass “leaf”
calen “green; fresh, vigorous; †bright” soft-mutation