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Primitive Elvish Roots

ABA root. see BĀ/ABA
[ᴹ√]AD root. “entrance, gate”
ADA root. “by, beside, alongside”
[ᴹ√]AK¹ root. “narrow, confined”
AK² root. “hostile return”
AKAS root. “neck, ridge”
ALA root. “good, blessed, fortunate”
ALAB root. “elm”
(A)LAK root. “rushing”
[ᴹ√]ALAT root. “large, great in size”
AM¹ root. “mother”
AM² root. “(go) up”
AMA root. “addition, increase, plus”
(A)MAN root. “good, blessed, holy, unmarred”
ANA root. see NA/ANA
ANAD root. “long”
[ᴹ√]ANAT root.
ANGA root. “iron”
[ᴹ√]ANGWA root.
[ᴹ√]AP root. “cook?”
APA root. see PĀ/APA
APHA root. “before of time” see PHĀ/APHA
AR root. “beyond, further than, outside”
ARA root. see RĀ/ARA
ARAT/ARAN root. “good, excellent, noble”
ARI root. “good, excellent, noble”
AS¹ root. “warmth”
AS² root. “beside”
[ᴹ√]ASAT root.
AT root. “double, again, twice”
AT(AR) root. “father”
(A)TATA root. “2”
ATHA root. see THĀ/ATHA
AW root. “possess, own, keep (have in hand, use or with one)”
[ᴹ√]AYAK root. “sharp, pointed”
AYA(N) root. “blessed; treat with awe/reverence”
BĀ/ABA root. “refuse, forbid, prohibit, say nay (in refusal or denial)”
BAL root. “power; powerful, mighty; have power”
BAN root. “beauty due to lack of fault or blemish”
BAN² root. “meet, come up against”
[ᴹ√]BAR root. “raise; uplift, save, rescue(?)”
BARAD root. “lofty, high”
[ᴹ√]BARAN root.
[ᴹ√]BARAS¹ root. “*heat”
BARAS² root. “height combined with strength/majesty”
BARAT root. “lofty, high”
BARATH root. “height combined with strength/size/majesty”
[ᴹ√]BAT root. “tread”
BED root. see BER²
BEL root. “strong”
[ᴹ√]BEN root. “corner (from inside), angle from inside”
[ᴹ√]BER¹ root. “valiant”
BER² root. “to mate, be mated, joined in marriage”
[ᴹ√]BEREK root.
[ᴹ√]BERETH root. “beech”
BES root. see BER²
[ᴹ√]BEW root. “follow, serve”
[ᴹ√]BIRIT root.
[ᴹ√]BON root.
[ᴹ√]BOR(ON) root. “endure”
BUZBU root.
[ᴹ√]DAB root. “give way, make room, permit, allow”
DAL root. “flat; bottom, ground”
[ᴹ√]DAR root. “stay, wait, stop, remain”
[ᴹ√]DARAK root.
[ᴹ√]DARAM root. “beat, hew”
DAT root. “fall down, fall to ground”
[ᴹ√]DAY¹ root.
DAY² root. “*great”
DEL¹ root. “walk, go, proceed, travel”
DEL² root. “fair”
DEL³ root. “thick, dense”
DEM root. see DIM
[ᴹ√]DEN root. “hole, gap, passage”
DER² root. “hard, difficult”
DEW root. “go wrong, fail”
[ᴹ√]DIL root. “stop up, fill up hole”
[ᴹ√]DIM root. “sad, gloomy”
?DIN root. “silence”
[ᴹ√]DIÑG root. “ding (onomatopoeic)”
[ᴹ√]DOƷ root. “dark”
DOM root. “dark, faint, dim”
DOR root. “hard, tough”
[ᴹ√]DORON root. “oak”
[ᴹ√]DRING root. “beat, strike”
DROB root.
*DU root. “dark”
[ᴹ√]DUB root. “lie, lie heavy, loom, hang over oppressively (of clouds)”
[ᴹ√]DUL root. “hide, conceal”
[ᴹ√]DUN root. “dark (of colour)”
DUR root. “to show special interest in things”
[ᴹ√]DUS root. “?burn”
DUY root. “flow (strongly), pour, flood, drench, inundate”
[ᴹ√]DYEL root. “feel fear and disgust; abhor”
[ᴹ√]E root. “intensive prefix”
[ᴹ√]Ē root. “indeed”
EB root. “can of mere possibility according to likelihood, natural probability, etc.”
EK root. “sharp point”
EKE root. “it is open” see KE/EKE
EL root. “star; behold!”
ELED root. “Star-Folk, Elf”
EM root. “depict, portray”
EN root. “again, once more, go on doing; further, beyond”
root. “be, exist”
ENED root. “centre, middle”
ENEK root. “six”
ENET root.
[ᴹ√]EPH root. “emerge (especially from water, opp[osite] of dive)”
ER root. “one, single, alone”
[ᴹ√](E)REK root. “thorn, holly”
[ᴹ√]ES root. “indicate, name”
[ᴹ√]ESEK root.
ET root. “out”
[ᴹ√]ETER root. “open, come out (of flowers/sun/etc.)”
EWE root. see WĒ/EWE
EYE root. “feminine”
GAL¹ root. “light; shine, be bright”
GAL² root. “grow (like plants), be healthy, flourish”
GAL(AB) root. “flower”
[ᴹ√]GALAD root. “tree”
GALAM root. “elm”
[ᴹ√]GALAN root. “bright”
[ᴹ√]GALAS root. “joy, be glad”
GAP root. “bend (tr.)”
[ᴹ√]GAR root.
[ᴹ√]GARAT root.
[ᴹ√]GAS root. “yawn, gape”
[ᴹ√]GAT root. “catch”
[ᴹ√]GAT(H) root.
[ᴹ√]GAW root. “think out, devise, contrive”
GAY(AR) root. “awe, dread; sea”
[ᴹ√]GAYAS root.
[ᴹ√]GENG(WĀ) root. “sick”
GIL root. see (Ñ)GIL
[ᴹ√]GIR root. “quiver, shudder”
(G)LAWAR root. “gold (colour)”
[ᴹ√](G)LIB root. “*ointment”
GLIM root. “gleam, glint”
(G)LOS root. “snow, whiteness”
[ᴹ√]GONOD root. “stone”
[ᴹ√]GOR root. “violence, impetus, haste”
[ᴹ√]GOS root. “dread”
[ᴹ√]GRAW root. “dark, swart”
GRON root.
GUR root. “hard, stiff, difficult, cumbrous, slow”
GWAL root. “be stirred, excited; emotion, movement of feelings”
(G)WAN root. “pale, fair”
GWAY root.
GWEN root. “?fresh, fair”
GWETH root. “report, give account of”
GYEL root. “ringing”
[ᴹ√]GYER root.
[ᴹ√]^HAN¹ root. “male”
HAN² root. “add to, increase, enhance, honour (especially by gift), extend”
[ᴹ√]^HAR root. “have, hold”
HATH root. “treat kindly/make easy, (help to) cure”
HEK root. “aside, apart, separate”
[ᴹ√]^HEL root. “sky”
HEN root. “middle; again”
HENET root. “middle”
HO root.
HOR root. “urge, impel, move; warn, counsel”
[ᴹ√] root. “that (deictic particle)”
[ᴹ√] root.
IBI root.
ID root. “desire, long for”
IL root. “all”
[ᴱ√]*IM root. “same, alike”
IMI root. see MI/IMI
ING root. “first, foremost”
IN(ID) root. “inmost heart, thought, mind”
[ᴹ√]INIK root.
IR root. “desire, long for”
IS root. “know”
IT¹ root. “glitter, shine, shimmer, twinkle”
IT² root. “repeat, multiply”
root. “after (later than) of time”
KAB¹ root. “hold, contain, retain, possess, have in hand”
[ᴹ√]KAB² root. “to be able, capable”
KAL root. “light; shine, be bright”
KALAK root. “glass”
KALAR root.
KALAT root.
[ᴹ√]KALPA root. “water-vessel”
KAM root. “fit, suit, agree, be agreeable”
KAN root. “cry aloud; (Q.) command”
KANAT root. “four”
[ᴹ√]KAP root. “leap”
KAR root. “do, make”
KARAK root. “sharp fang, spike, tooth”
[ᴹ√]KARAN root. “red”
KARAP root.
[ᴹ√]KARPA root.
KAS root. “head”
KAT root. “shape”
KAW root. “shelter”
KAY root. “lie (down)”
KAYAN root. “ten”
KE root. “may (be)”
KE/EKE root. “it is open”
KEL root. “flow (down or away), run (of water or rivers), go away”
[ᴹ√]KEM root. “soil, earth”
KEN root. “see, perceive, note”
KES root. “other”
KETH root. “enquire of, question, examine something”
KEW root. “new, fresh; anew, repeated; live of vegetables”
KEY root.
KHAB root. “heap up, pile up”
KHAD root. “sit”
KHAG¹ root. “stake”
KHAG² root. “pile up”
KHAL root. “raise; lift up or extend upwards”
[ᴹ√]KHAM¹ root. “sit (down)”
[ᴹ√]KHAM² root. “call, summon, name by name”
[ᴹ√]KHAN¹ root. “understand, comprehend”
KHAN² root. “brother”
KHAN³ root. “back”
KHAP root. “keep, detain”
[ᴹ√]KHAR root. “helmet”
[ᴹ√]KHARAS root.
[ᴹ√]KHAT root. “hurl, cast, send through air, loose from hand”
KHAW¹ root. “rest, lie at ease; cover up, hide away, lay in store”
KHAW² root. “big”
KHAWAD root. “store, hoard”
[ᴹ√]KHAY root. “far, distant, remote”
KHEL root. “ice”
KHELEK root. “ice”
KHEN root. “base of eye-words”
KHEP root. “retain, keep, do not give away or release, keep hold of”
KHER root. “rule, govern, possess”
[ᴹ√]KHES root. “command”
KHIL root. “follow; to follow behind”
KHIM root. “adhere, stick, cleave [to]”
KHIN root. “child”
KHIR root. “light on, find”
KHITH root. “mist, fog”
KHOL¹ root. see SKOL
KHOL² root. “crow, cry aloud”
KHO(M) root. “heart”
KHOP root. see *KOPH
[ᴹ√]KHOR root. “set going, put in motion, urge on”
KHOT root. “gather”
KHU root.
KHUG root. “bark, bay”
KHY- root. “other”
KHYĀ root. “before, in front of place”
[ᴹ√]KHYAR root. “left hand”
[ᴹ√]KHYEL(ES) root. “glass”
KIL root. “choose, select”
KIM¹ root. “edge, brink of”
[ᴹ√]KIM² root. “light on, find, come by”
KIN/KIT root.
KIR root. “cut, cleave, pass swiftly through”
[ᴹ√]KIRIK root.
KIRIS root. “cleave, cut”
KOB/KOM root. “gather, collect”
KOL root. “bear, carry, wear”
KON root. see KUN
[ᴹ√]*KOPH root. “*bay”
KOR root. “round”
[ᴹ√]KORKA root. “crow”
KOT(H) root. “strive, quarrel”
KOY root.
[ᴹ√]KRAB root. “press”
[ᴹ√] root.
KUB¹ root. “hide, secrete”
[ᴹ√]KUB² root. “bow”
[ᴹ√]KU(Ʒ) root. “bow”
KUL root. “golden-red”
[ᴹ√]KUM root. “void”
KUN root. “lord; to lead”
KUR root. “skill, craft; have power, strength, ability inherent physically or mentally”
[ᴹ√]KURUM root.
KUY root. “live”
KWA root. “complete, full, whole, all, every”
KWAL root. “die, pain”
[ᴹ√]KWAM root.
KWAR root. “press together, squeeze, wring”
KWAT root. “fill; full”
KWAY root. “ten”
KWE root. “vocal speech”
[ᴹ√]KWǢ root. “onomatopoetic”
KWEL root. “fade (away), die away, grow faint; wither”
KWEN root. “speak with rational words”
KWENED root. “Elf”
KWER root. “revolve”
[ᴹ√]KWES root.
KWET root. “say”
KWI root. “suppose”
[ᴹ√]KWIG root.
KWIN root. “crest, salient or top edge”
KWIS root. “inquire, suppose”
KYAB root. “taste” see KYAW
?KYANAT root.
[ᴹ√]KYAR root. “cause, do”
KYAW root. “taste, select, choose”
KYEL¹ root. “go down slowly”
KYEL² root. “(come to an) end, cease, run out”
[ᴹ√]KYELEK root. “swift, agile”
KYELEP root. “silver”
[√]*KYUL root.
LA root. “no, not; to be not”
root. “interjection of pleasure/assent”
LAB root. “lick, move the tongue”
LAD root. “bottom, ground”
[ᴹ√]LAG root. “*cut”
LAƷ root. “cross, pass over, go beyond”
[ᴹ√]L(A)IK root. “keen, sharp, acute”
[ᴹ√]LAK root. see LAƷ
[ᴹ√]LAKH root. “kick”
LAL root. “laugh”
LAM root. “inarticulate voiced sounds”
LAN root. “stretch, extend”
LAP root. “fold, bend”
[ᴹ√]LAR root. “rich, fat”
LAS¹ root. “leaf”
LAS² root. “listen”
LAT root. “open, unenclosed, free to entry; low, at ground level, lowlying”
[ᴹ√]LATH root. “string, thong”
LAW¹ root.
LAW² root. “flourish (green), grow”
LAWAR root. see (G)LAWAR
LAY root.
[ᴹ√]LAYAK root. “*fresh, green”
[ᴹ√]LEB/LEM root. “stay, stick, adhere, remain, tarry”
LED root. “go, proceed”
LEK root. “loose, unbind, let, permit”
LEMEK root.
LEN root. “way” see LED
LEÑ root.
LEP root. “pick up/out (with the fingers)”
LEPEN root. “five”
[ᴹ√]LEPET root. “finger”
LER root. “free”
LEWEK root. “worm”
LI root. “many”
[ᴹ√]LIB root. “drip”
[ᴹ√]LILTA root. “dance”
LIM root. “link, join; ?swift”
[ᴹ√]LIÑ root.
LIN¹ root. “pool, mere, lake”
LIN² root. “sing, make a musical sound”
LIND root. “sing” see LIN²
[ᴹ√]LINGA root. “hang”
[ᴹ√]LINKWI root.
LIP root. “oil”
LIR¹ root. “sing, warble”
[ᴹ√]LIR² root.
LIS root.
LISKI root.
[ᴹ√]LIT root.
[ᴹ√]LIW root. “*fish”
[ᴹ√]LO root. “ablative element”
[ᴹ√]LOD root. “*pass, path”
LOG root. “wet (and soft), soaked, swampy”
LOK root. “bend, loop”
[ᴹ√]LOKH root. “curl of hair”
LON root.
LOR root. see (O)LOS/R
LOS¹ root. see (G)LOS
LOS² root. see (O)LOS/R
LOT(H) root. “flower”
LOW root. “flow freely (fully)”
LOY root. “go wrong, fail”
[ᴹ√]LU root. “*(flow of) time”
[ᴹ√]LUB¹ root. “weary”
LUB² root. “bend”
[ᴹ√]LUG root. “be heavy”
LUK root. “haul, drag”
LU(M)B root. “shadow, darkness”
[ᴹ√]LUS root. “*empty”
LUT root. “float”
LUY root. “blue”
MA root. “interrogative base”
MAB root. “lump, mass”
[ᴹ√]MAD root.
MAG root. “good (physically); to thrive, be in a good state”
MAH root. “handle, manage, control, wield; serve, be of use”
MAƷ root. see MAH
[ᴹ√]MAIGA root.
MAK root. “cut, cleave, hew with a sharp edge; forge metal; (fight with a) sword, kill, slay”
MAL root. “yellow, gold”
MALAT root. “gold”
MAN root. see (A)MAN
[ᴹ√]MANAD root. “fate, doom”
MAP root. “take away, take hold of, grasp”
MAS root. see M(B)AS
MASAG root.
MAT root. “eat”
MAY root. “excellent, admirable; (make) art”
[ᴹ√](M)BAD root. “duress, prison, doom, hell; *judgement”
[ᴹ√]MBAKH root. “exchange”
[ᴹ√]MBAL root.
MBAR root. “settle, establish, fix, decide, determine”
M(B)ARAT root. “doom, fate”
M(B)AS root. “bake”
[ᴹ√]MBAW root. “compel, force, subject, oppress”
(M)BELEK root. “great, mighty, powerful, strong”
[ᴹ√]M(B)IRIL root.
(M)BOL root. see
MBON root.
[ᴹ√](M)BUD root. “project, jut out”
MEL root. “love”
MEN root. “go, move, proceed, make for, go towards; have as object, (in)tend”
MENEL root. “heavens, firmament”
[ᴹ√]MER root. “wish (for), want, desire”
MET root. “end, finally”
MI/IMI root. “in, within”
MIK root. “pierce”
[ᴹ√]MIL root.
MIL(IK) root. “*greed, lust”
MIN root. “stand alone, stick out; one, first of a series”
MIR root. “precious; esteem, value”
[ᴹ√]MIS¹ root.
[ᴹ√]MIS² root. “*wet”
[ᴹ√]MISIK root. “*wet”
MITH root. “grey”
[ᴹ√]MIW root. “whine”
[ᴹ√]MIW² root.
MIZDI root.
root. “labour, be afflicted”
MOR root. “black”
[ᴹ√]MOROK root.
MOT root. “fen, marsh”
[ᴹ√]MOY root.
[ᴹ√]?MUL root.
[ᴹ√]MUN root. “‽groan, moan”
[ᴹ√]MUY root.
root. “be, exist”
NA/ANA root. “to, towards”
[ᴹ√]NAD root.
NAK root. “bite”
[ᴹ√]NAKAT root. “eighteen”
NAKH root. “narrow, thin”
ÑAL root. see Ñ(G)AL
*NAM root. “judge”
[ᴹ√]NAN root.
NAP root. “grasp (with the whole hand), take hold, seize quickly (with fingers)”
ÑAR root. “by, beside, near”
NAR¹ root. “fire, flame”
[ᴹ√]NARAK root. “tear, rend (tr. and intr.)”
[ᴹ√]NARTA root. “kindle”
[ᴹ√]NAS root. “point, sharp end”
NASAG root.
[ᴹ√]NAT root. “lace, weave, tie”
NATH root. “welcome, be kind to”
NAY root. “cause bitter grief or pain, lament”
NAY² root. “have opportunity, chance or permission; be allowed by circumstance [or] way of the world”
[ᴹ√]NAYAK root. “pain”
NDAB¹ root. “endeavor, try, seek opportunity”
NDAB² root. “to judge”
NDAK root. “hew, slay”
[ᴹ√](N)DAM root. “hammer, beat”
(N)DAN root. “back (again)”
NDAY root. “dreadful, abominable, detestable”
NDEB root. see NDAB¹
N(D)ER root. “male (person), man”
[ᴹ√]NDEW root. “follow, come behind”
[ᴹ√](N)DI root. “in”
(N)DIL root. “to love (as a friend or equal), be devoted to”
(N)DIP/B root. “bending and drooping”
[ᴹ√]N(D)IS root.
[ᴹ√]NDOL root. “*head”
(N)DOR root. “land; hard, firm”
NDU root. “under, down; sink, descend”
(N)DUP/B root. “bending and drooping”
(N)DUR root. “bow down, obey, serve”
NE root. “scent”
NEB root. “face, front, turn towards (speaker)”
NEG root. “‽ooze, drip”
NEK¹ root. “narrow”
NEK² root. “divide, separate, part, deprive”
NEL root. “three”
NELED root. “3”
NELEK root. “tooth”
NEN root. “water”
[ᴹ√]NEÑ(WI) root. “nose”
NER root. see N(D)ER
NET root. “trim (pretty/dainty)”
NETER root. “9”
NETH root. “young, fresh, lively, merry; young woman”
[ᴹ√]NEY root. “tear”
Ñ(G)AL root. “shine (by reflection)”
[ᴹ√]ÑGAN(AD) root. “play (on stringed instrument)”
[ᴹ√]ÑGARAM root.
ÑGAW root. “falsify, deform, disguise”
ÑGAY root. “gape, become wide, open, vast”
(Ñ)GIL root. “shine (white); silver glint”
ÑGOL¹ root. “knowledge, wisdom, lore”
ÑGOL² root. “dark-hued, dark-brown”
ÑGOLOD root.
ÑGOR root. “dread, horror, fear, terror”
[ᴹ√]ÑGOROTH root. “horror”
ÑGUL root. “dark with sinister associations”
ÑGUR root. “death”
(Ñ)GWAL root. “(suffer) torment, agony”
[ᴹ√]ÑGYAL(AM) root. “talk loud or incoherently”
[ᴹ√]ÑGYO(N) root. “grandchild, descendant”
NI root. “me”
NĪ/INI root.
[ᴹ√]NID¹ root. “lean against”
NID² root. “force, press(ure), thrust”
NIƷ root.
NIK root. “small”
NIK(W) root. “white; snow, ice”
[ᴹ√]NINDI root. “fragile, thin”
NIP root. “small”
NIR root. “will, intention, conscious resolve to move or do”
NIS root. “woman”
[ᴱ√]?NITH root. “smell sweet”
[ᴹ√]ÑIW root. “wink, hint”
NŌ/ONO root. “beget; be born”
[ᴹ√]ÑOL root. “smell (intr.)”
NOR root. “run (or leap) of animals or men”
[ᴹ√]NOROTH root.
NOT root. “count, reckon”
[ᴹ√]NOWO root. “think, form idea, imagine”
NŪ/UNU root. “under, down; go down, sink”
NUK root. “dwarf, stunted”
[ᴹ√]NUR¹ root. “deep”
[ᴱ√]*NUR² root. “*murmur, grumble”
[ᴹ√]NUS root. “sense, wisdom”
[ᴹ√]NUT root. “tie, bind”
[ᴹ√]NYAD root. “gnaw”
[ᴹ√]N(Y)AR root. “tell, relate”
ÑYEL/ÑYOL root. “ringing”
OKO root. “evil, wicked, bad”
OL root.
OLOB root. “branch”
OLOR root. see (O)LOS/R
(O)LOS/R root. “dream, vision; sleep”
OM root. “of resonant sounds”
ONO root. see NŌ/ONO
OP root.
OPO root. “before of place, ahead, in front”
ORO root. see RŌ/ORO
OROK root.
[ᴹ√]ORON root.
[ᴹ√]OROT root. “height, mountain”
[ᴹ√]OS¹ root. “round, about”
OS² root. “making a hissing foaming noise”
OTO root. see TŌ/OTO
OTOS/OTOK root. “seven”
OWO root. “masculine”
OY root. “ever”
[ᴹ√]OY² root. “live, pass one’s days”
PĀ/APA root. “touch; after, behind of place”
[ᴹ√]PAD root.
PAK root. “close, shut”
PAKAT root.
PAL root. “wide (open), broad, extended”
[ᴹ√]PALAP root.
PAN root. “arrange, set in order”
?PANTA root. see PAT²
PAR¹ root. “arrange, compose, put together; learn”
PAR² root. “peel”
[ᴹ√]PARAK root.
[ᴹ√]PAS root.
[ᴹ√]PAT¹ root.
[ᴹ√]PAT² root.
PATH root. “smooth (to feel), silky”
PED root. “slope, slant down”
PEL root. “fence, border, edge, bound, limit”
PEN root. “lack, be without, have not”
PEÑ root. “mouth”
PER root. “divide in middle, halve”
[ᴹ√]PERES root. “affect, disturb, alter”
PEY root.
PHĀ/APHA root. “before of time”
PHAL(AS) root. “foam, splash”
PHAN root. “cover, screen, veil”
[ᴱ√]PHAR root.
PHAR(AN) root.
[ᴹ√]PHAS root. see PHAR(AN)
PHAW root. “breath, puff of breath; gape, emit (foul breath)”
PHAY root. “spirit; radiate, send out rays of light”
[ᴹ√]PHEG root. “inner part, pith, core; of person ?inner spirit”
PHEL root. “*emotion”
PHELEK root. “cave”
PHEN root. “door”
PHER root.
[ᴹ√]PHER(EN) root. “beech”
[ᴹ√]PHEW root. “feel disgust at, abhor”
[ᴹ√]PHI root.
PHILIK root. “finch”
PHIM root.
PHIN root. “skill, dexterity; clever, skillful; neat, fine, delicate”
PHIR root. “exhale, expire, breathe out”
PHŌ/Ū root. “interjection of displeasure/dissent”
[ᴹ√]PHOR root. “right-hand”
PHUT root.
[ᴹ√]PHUY root.
[ᴹ√]PIK root.
[ᴹ√]PILIN root.
PIRI root. “close eyes, blink, wink”
[ᴹ√]PIS root.
[ᴹ√]PITH root. “spit”
[ᴹ√]PIW root. “spit”
POL root. “can, have physical power and ability”
[ᴹ√]POR root.
POROK root. “hen”
[ᴹ√]POTŌ root. “animal’s foot”
[ᴹ√]POY root.
PUT root.
RĀ/ARA root. “noble”
RAB root. “astray, wandering, unsettled”
RAD root.
[ᴹ√]RAG root.
[ᴹ√]RAK root. “stretch out, reach”
[ᴹ√]RAM root. “*wing, fly”
[ᴹ√]RAMBA root.
RAN root. “wander, stray, err”
[ᴹ√]RAP¹ root. “bind”
[ᴹ√]RAP² root. “climb (as a tree by clinging[?])”
RAPH root. “seize, grab”
RAS root. “horn”
[ᴹ√]RASAT root. “twelve”
[ᴹ√]RAT¹ root. “walk, go in a line (as a road)”
RAT² root. “tower up”
RATH root. “climb”
[ᴹ√]RAUTĀ root. “metal”
[ᴹ√]RAW root. “*roar”
RAY¹ root. “net, knit, contrive network or lace, involve in a network, enlace”
RAY² root. “smile”
[ᴹ√]RAYAK root. “crooked, bent, wrong”
RED root. “scatter, sow”
[ᴹ√]REG root. “edge, border, margin”
REK root. “recover, save”
REM root. “entangle, snare, trap”
REN root. “recall, have in mind”
[ᴹ√]REP root. “bend, hook”
RET root. “climb”
RETH/RES root. “remain in same place”
RIG root. “wreath, twine; garland, crown”
RIK root. “put forth effort, strive, endeavour”
RIK(H) root. “twist”
RIL root. “brilliant, brilliance”
[ᴹ√]RIM root. “abound; large number”
[ᴹ√]RIN root.
RINGI root. “cold”
[ᴹ√]RIP root. “rush, fly, fling, hurl”
RIS root. “cleave, cut; slash, rip”
[ᴹ√]RIY root.
RŌ/ORO root. “up; rise (up), mount”
[ᴹ√]ROK root. “run on foot”
ROM root. “loud noise; horn noise”
*ROÑ root.
RON¹ root. “arch over, roof in”
RON² root. “solid, tangible, firm”
ROS¹ root. “spindrift, spray”
[ᴹ√]ROS² root.
ROT root. “dig, excavate, tunnel”
[ᴹ√]ROY¹ root. “chase”
[ᴹ√]RUD root.
RUƷUS root.
RUK¹ root.
[ᴹ√]RUK² root. “pluck”
RUN root. “red, glowing”
[ᴹ√]RUN¹ root. “flat of hand or sole of foot”
RUN² root. “rub, grind, smooth, polish”
RUS root. “brownish red”
[ᴹ√]RUSKA root.
RUTH root. “anger, rage, wrath”
RUY root. “blaze (red)”
[ᴹ√]S root. “demonstrative stem”
S- root. “privative”
[ᴹ√]SAB¹ root. “juice”
SAB² root. “believe (that statements, reports, traditions, etc. are) true, accept as fact”
SAD root. “strip, flay, peel off”
[ᴹ√]SAG root.
SAK root. “draw, pull”
SAL root.
[ᴹ√]SALAK root.
[ᴹ√]SALAP root. “lick up”
SAM¹ root. “have; unite, join”
SAM² root. “mind, think, reflect, be aware”
SAN root. “think, use mind; (tran.) ponder, consider in thought”
SAP root. “dig”
[ᴹ√]SAR¹ root. “*stone”
SAR² root. “score, incise; write”
SAT root. “space, place; divide, apportion, mark off”
SATAR root. “faithful, trust, loyal, rely, steadfast”
SATH root. “pair”
SAW root. “digusting, foul, vile”
SAY root.
SED root. “rest, repose”
[ᴹ√]SEL(D) root.
SEN root. “let loose, free, let go”
SEREK root. “blood”
SIB root. “rest, quiet”
[ᴹ√]SIK root.
SIL root. “shine (white or silver)”
[ᴹ√]SILIP root.
SI(N) root. “this, here, now”
SIR root. “flow”
[ᴹ√]SIW root. “excite, egg on, urge”
SKAL¹ root. “cover, conceal”
[ᴹ√]SKAL² root. “(small) fish”
[ᴹ√]SKAR¹ root. “tear, rend”
[ᴹ√]SKAR² root. “?stop, end; limit, marge”
[ᴹ√]SKAT root. “break asunder”
[ᴹ√]SKEL root.
SKEY root. “pass”
[ᴹ√]SKIL root.
SKOL root. “shut, close”
SKOR¹ root. “rough, marred, unequal or unsymmetrical in shape”
[ᴹ√]SKOR² root. “look out for, expect, wait for”
SKŪ/KHŪ root. “curse”
[ᴹ√]SKWAR root. “crooked”
[ᴹ√]SKYAP root.
SLAS root. “ear”
[ᴹ√]SLIG root.
[ᴹ√]SLIK root. “creep”
[ᴹ√]SLIN root.
[ᴹ√](S)LIT root. “swiftly[?] speed[?]”
[ᴹ√]SLIW root. “sickly”
SLON root. “noise”
SLOUN root.
SLOY root.
[ᴹ√]SLUK root. “swallow”
[ᴹ√]SLUS root.
[ᴹ√]SMAG root. “soil, stain”
SNAG root. “wound, gash”
[ᴹ√]SNAR root. “tie”
[ᴹ√]SNAS/SNAT root. “spear point, gore, triangle”
[ᴹ√]SNEW root. “entangle”
[ᴹ√]SNUR root. “twist”
[ᴹ√]SOL root.
SOÑ root.
SOT root. “shelter, protect, defend”
[ᴹ√]SPAL(AS) root.
SPAN root. “cover, veil, cloak, conceal; white”
[ᴹ√]SPANAG root.
SPAR¹ root. “hunt, pursue”
[ᴹ√]SPAR² root. “strew, spread, ?scatter”
[ᴹ√]SPAY root. “despise, contemn”
SPIN(ID) root. “fine thread, filament; hair”
SRAB root. “wild”
[ᴹ√]SRAD root. “to flatten, lay low/flat, make flat what was standing”
SRAG/SRAK root. “awkward, hard, difficult”
SRAW root. “body, flesh”
SRAY root. “easy, pliant, moving with ease”
[ᴹ√](S)RI root.
[ᴹ√]SRIP root. “scratch”
SRIS root. “snow”
SRIT root. “to complete a work or design”
SRITH root. “snow”
*SRŌ root. “east”
SRON root. “flesh, substance, matter”
(S)ROT root. see ROT
SRUG root. “*evil, wicked”
[ᴹ√]STĀ root.
[ᴹ√]STAB root.
STAG root. see THAG
[ᴹ√]STAK root. “split, insert”
[ᴹ√]STAL¹ root. “steep”
STAL² root. “strong”
[ᴹ√]STALAG root.
[ᴹ√]STAN root. “fix, indicate, decide”
STAR root. “stiff”
[ᴹ√]STARAN root.
STEL root. “remain firm”
[ᴹ√]STELEG root.
STEN root. “cut short, limit, confine, cramp”
STIN root. “grey”
*STIR root. “face”
STOR root. “steadfast”
[ᴹ√]STUD root. “base, ground”
STUK root.
root. “wind”
[ᴹ√]SUB root. “sink (esp. in water)”
SUK/SOK root. “drink, gulp, quaff, drain”
[ᴹ√]SULUK root. “*root (especially as edible)”
SUR root. “noise of wind”
[ᴹ√]SUS root. “hiss”
[ᴹ√]SWAD root.
[ᴹ√]SWES root. “noise of blowing or breathing”
[ᴹ√]SWIN root. “whirl, eddy”
[ᴹ√]SYAD¹ root. “shear through, cleave (through)”
SYAD² root. “compress”
[ᴹ√]SYAL root.
TA root. “that, there, then”
TĀ/TAƷ root. “high, lofty; noble”
TAK root. “fasten, fix”
[ᴹ√]TAL root. “foot; *flat”
[ᴹ√]TAL² root. “appraise, esteem, values”
[ᴹ√]TALAM root. “base, root, foundation; floor, ground”
TALAT root. “slip (down)”
[ᴹ√]TAM¹ root. “knock”
TAM² root. “construct”
TAN¹ root. “construct, make with tools”
TAN² root. “indicate, show”
[ᴹ√]TAP root. “stop”
TAR root. “stand”
[ᴹ√]TARAG root.
[ᴹ√]TARAK root. “horn (of animals)”
[ᴹ√]TARAS root. “*trouble”
TAS root. “point out, indicate”
TATA root. see (A)TATA
TATHAR root.
TAW root. “wood”
TAY root. “stretch, extend, make long(er); mark, line, limit”
TE root. “3rd person plural pronoun”
TEG root. “line”
TEK root. “make a written mark, sign”
TEL root. “close, end, complete, come to an end”
[ᴹ√]TELEK root. “stalk, stem, leg”
TELES root. “come at rear, end a line or series”
TELU root. “roof in, put the crown on a building”
TEN root. “direction; point (toward); end (in sense of point aimed at)”
TEÑ root. “indicate, signify, show, mark, to point at; sign, direction”
TER root. “pierce”
[ᴹ√]THA root. “forward”
THĀ/ATHA root. “ease, comfort, heal; be helpful; be willing to assist (in any work, etc.), agree, consent”
THAG root. “oppress, crush, press”
THAN root. “kindle, set light to, fire, light”
THAR¹ root.
THAR² root. “vigour”
THAW root. “cruel; stink”
[ᴹ√]THĒ root. “perceive, see”
[ᴹ√]THEL(ES) root. “sister”
THER root. “sew”
THIL root. “shine silver”
THIN root.
[ᴹ√]THIR root.
THOL root. “stand up, top”
[ᴹ√]THON root.
[ᴹ√]THOR(ON) root. “come swooping down”
THOS root. “frighten, terrify; show dread of”
THOW root. “stink”
THŪ root. “puff, blow”
[ᴹ√]THUR root. “surround, fence, ward, hedge in, secrete”
THUS root. “evil mist, fog, Darkness”
TIG root.
[ᴹ√]TIK root.
TIL root. “point, horn”
TIN root. “sparkle, spark”
[ᴹ√]TING/TANG root. “ting (onomatopoeic)”
[ᴹ√]TINKO root. “metal”
TIR root. “watch (over), look at, observe”
[ᴹ√]TIT root.
[ᴹ√]TIW root. “fat, thick”
TŌ/OTO root. “back”
TOK/NOK root. “non-resonant sounds”
TOL root. “stick up”
TOLOB root.
TOLOD root. “8”
TOLOT root. see TOLOD
TOM root. “of resonant sounds”
[ᴹ√]TON root.
[ᴹ√]TOP root. “cover, roof”
[ᴹ√]TOR¹ root.
TOR² root. “secrete, hide”
[ᴹ√]TOW root.
[ᴹ√]TUB root. “to fall low[?], go down (below normal ground level), (esp.) to go down (sink, dive) into water”
TUD root.
[ᴹ√]TUG root.
[ᴹ√]TUK root. “draw, bring”
TUL root. “come, approach, move towards (point of speaker)”
[ᴹ√]TULUK root.
[ᴹ√]TUMPU root. “hump”
[ᴹ√]TUN root.
TUP root. “cover over, hide”
TUR root. “power, mastery (legitimate or illegitimate), control (of other wills); strong, mighty in power; dominate, master, conquer”
TURUK root.
[ᴹ√]TURUM root. “shield”
[ᴹ√]TUS root. “bush”
TUY root. “sprout, bud”
[ᴹ√]TYAL root. “play”
[ᴹ√]TYUL root. “stand up (straight)” see *KYUL
Ū root. “denial of fact, privation”
UB root. “have in mind, consider, ponder; to approach”
UG root. “dislike”
UGU/UMU root. “expressing privation”
UK root. “nasty”
UL root. “pour (out), flow”
[ᴹ√]ULUG root.
UM root. “teem, throng; large”
[ᴹ√]UÑG root.
ungu- root. “spider word”
UNU root. see NŪ/UNU
[ᴹ√]UNUK root.
UR¹ root. “heat, be hot”
[ᴹ√]UR² root. “wide, large, great”
[ᴹ√]URUK root.
URUN root. “copper”
(U)RUTH root. see RUTH
[ᴹ√]US root.
USUK root. “dusk”
UTHU root. “[wrong] with a bad sense”
[ᴹ√]UY root.
root. “blow; noise of wind”
WĀ/AWA root. “away (from); go (away), depart, pass away; before of time, ago”
[ᴹ√]WAD root. “err, stray”
[ᴹ√]WAƷ root. “stain, soil”
[ᴹ√]WĀ(N) root. “goose”
WAN¹ root. see (G)WAN
[ᴹ√]WAN² root. “depart, go away, disappear, vanish”
[ᴹ√]WAR root. “give away, yield, not endure, let down, betray”
WATH root.
WATHAR root.
WAW root. “blow (of wind), be disturbed”
[ᴹ√]WAY root.
WAY² root. see WAW
WE root. “dual”
WĒ/EWE root. “a person or being”
[ᴹ√]WED root. “bind”
WEG root. “live, be active”
WENED root. “maiden, girl, virgin”
[ᴹ√]WIG¹ root.
WIG² root. see WIR
[ᴹ√]WIL root. “fly, float in air”
WIN root. “young”
WIR root. “weave”
[ᴹ√]WIS¹ root. “air”
WIS² root. “alter, change, shift”
WIW root. see WAW
WO root. “together”
WOR root. “express, cause to exude (by pressure)”
YA root. “there, over there, back/ago (of time)”
[ᴹ√]YAB root. “fruit”
YAG root. “gap; yawn, gape”
[ᴹ√]YAK root.
[ᴹ√]YAL/YAM root. “to cry”
YAN¹ root. “wide, extensive, large, vast, huge; extend”
YAN² root. “*join”
[ᴹ√]YAY root. “mock”
[ᴹ√]YEL root. “daughter”
[ᴹ√]YEN root. “year”
[ᴹ√]YER root. “feel sexual desire”
[ᴹ√]YES root. “desire”
[ᴹ√]*YESET root. “precede (forward)”
YOD root. “fence, enclose”
YON¹ root. “son”
YON² root. “wide, extensive”
YU root. “two, both”
[ᴹ√]YUK root. “employ, use”
YUL¹ root. “drink”
[ᴹ√]YUL² root. “smoulder”
[ᴹ√]YUR root. “run”