Q. Ambaróna loc. “Eastern (Land)”

Q. Ambaróna, loc. “Eastern (Land)”
An older name of Fangorn forest (LotR/469), translated “Eastern (Land)” (PE17/82). It is an adjectival form of ambarónë “dawn”, so it meant “of the dawn, Eastern” (PE17/82), much as andúnë “sunset” was also used for “West”. The sense of “land” in the name was understood rather than explicit (PE17/91). Perhaps this name referred to the fact that Fangorn was far to the east of the forests of Beleriand, which the Ents also visited (LotR/469).

References ✧ LotR/469; LotRI; PE17/82, 91; RC/384



ambarónë “dawn” ✧ PE17/82
amba¹ “up, upwards” ✧ PE17/82; PE17/91; RC/385
(h)róna “east(ern)” ✧ RC/385 (róna)