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ᴺS. ^rítha-² v. “to try, strive” (Category: to Try)

⚠️ᴺS. ^rítha-², v. “to try, strive” [created by Elaran] (Category: to Try)
ᴺS. !rig- “to try, strive”
ᴺS. ^rítha-¹ “to jerk, twitch, snatch; [G.] to contort, twist, confuse, disarrange, upset”
@@@ this is the proper phonetic evolution of Primitive rikta- assuming vocalization of spirants occurs before a-affection (and in any case, a-affection doesn't apply to verb forms), but because it conflicts with rítha-¹, Elaran agreed that the neologism rig- might be better