Neo-Sindarin Semantic Categories

1. Physical World

1.33 Lake, Pond

⚠️ᴱN., G. umboth n. “twilight, [G.] nightfall”; see instead:
S. uial “twilight, evendim”

1.36 Brook, Stream, River

ᴺS. [Ilk.] ?celon n. “river”

1.63 Shade, Shadow

⚠️G. muil n. “tarn”; see instead:
ᴺS. ^rim “cold pool or lake (in mountains)”

1.78 Weather

ᴺS. !gwilwist n. “weather”

1.83 Smoke (n)

⚠️G. usc n. “fog, mist”; see instead:
S. hîth “mist”
N. osp “smoke”

2. Mankind

2.35 Father

S. atheg n. “(little) father; thumb”

3. Animals

4. Body Parts and Functions

5. Food and Drink

6. Clothing and Adornment

7. Dwelling and Furniture

8. Agriculture and Vegetation

8.62 Beech

⚠️G. deldron [nd-] n. “beech (tree)”; see instead:
S. neldor “beech”
⚠️ᴱN. delian n. “beech-tree”; see instead:
S. neldor “beech”

9. Physical Acts and Materials

9.95 Can, May

ᴺS. !poltha- v. “to (physically) enable”

10. Motion and Transportation

11. Possession and Trade

12. Spatial Relations

12.272 Hidden, Concealed

⚠️G. furion adj. “secret, concealed, hidden”; see instead:
S. thurin “secret, hidden”

12.37 Middle

⚠️S. enaid adj. “central, middle”; see instead:
ᴺS. ^enaidh “central, middle”
ᴺS. [S.] ^enaidh adj. “central, middle”

12.56 Small, Little

⚠️G. nictha- v. “to rain, hail, snow”; see instead:
ᴺS. ^nítha-¹ “to snow, hail, ⚠️rain”
N. eil- “to rain”
ᴺS. [G.] ^nítha-¹ v. “to snow, hail, ⚠️rain”
ᴺS. !nítha-² v. “to reduce, make small”
ᴺS. !níthannen v. “reduced, minor”

13. Quantity and Number

14. Time

15. Sense Perception

15.62 Light in Color

⚠️ᴱN. lhui adj. “pale”

16. Emotion

16.24 Happy; Happiness

⚠️S. al-² pref. “well, happily”; see instead:
S. mae “well; excellent, admirable”

16.36 Sad

ᴺS., Ilk. [Ilk.] dim n. “gloom, sadness”

17. Mind and Thought

17.28 School

ᴺS. !golbar [ng-] n. “school, university, (lit.) wisdom-house”

18. Language and Music

19. Social Relations

20. Warfare and Hunting

21. Law and Judgment

22. Religion and Beliefs

22.44 Elf, Nymph, Fairy

⚠️G. Egla n. “fairy, (lit.) being from outside”; see instead:
S. †Eglan “Forsaken (Elf)”
S. Edhel “Elf”

23. Grammar

23.5 Noun Inflection

⚠️G. -in¹ suf. “plural suffix”